FIFA 20 Introduces Street Soccer With VOLTA

FIFA 20: VOLTA Football
FIFA 20: VOLTA Football EA Sports

If you're the type who wants to play soccer but not on a stadium, then you're in luck. The upcoming FIFA 20 is offering a mode called VOLTA Football. With this, players are able to express themselves both on and off the court.

For the Portuguese word meaning "to return," VOLTA hopes to give players a change to take the game back to the streets through an authentic small-sided football experience. With this mode, players can choose their football player, pick gear, and even express their very own personal style.

In terms of gameplay, VOLTA offers a customized system that remains to be grounded in soccer realism. This mode is inspired by the small-sided soccer form that is played in the streets, futsal courts, and cages. VOLTA offers a number of modes that include:

  • VOLTA Kick-Off
    • Take your favorite professional teams back to the streets and compete in a number of VOLTA locations and match formats. Play PSG vs. Lyon in Paris, the Madrid derby in the streets of Spain, or Chelsea vs. Spurs in a London cage.
  • VOLTA World
    • Build up your VOLTA team by playing through Single Player Matches against community generated squads in a variety of formats and locations. After each victory, recruit a player from the opposing team and build your squad up in terms of both skill and chemistry.
  • VOLTA Story
    • Take your unique player through a narrative driven experience, where you face off against various legends of street soccer from around the world. Earn rewards, customise your player, and recruit for your squad, culminating in the VOLTA World Championship tournament in Buenos Aires.
  • VOLTA League
    • Play your way through promotion and relegation with the online VOLTA League. The new player versus player formats places your team against others online, where wins lead to promotion into a higher division.

Indeed, customization is the way to go when it comes to VOLTA Football. Players can choose between 3v3 Rush, 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5, and Professional Futsal. VOLTA also includes arenas and environments of various sizes, including those with and without walls.

Those who pre-order either the FIFA 20 Champions or the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition get the chance to play VOLTA on September 24, three days ahead of the official launch.

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