New The Outer Worlds Gameplay Revealed At PAX East

It’s big and quirky and fans like what they see.
The Outer Worlds is looking absolutely fantastic.
The Outer Worlds is looking absolutely fantastic. Obsidian Entertainment

Developer Obsidian Entertainment revealed brand new gameplay at the recent PAX East 2019 for their upcoming RPG, The Outer Worlds. In the reveal, fans got to see in-depth what to expect from The Outer Worlds, including the game’s beautiful open world, the developer’s signature gameplay elements, and quite a few new mechanics. For an in-depth 22-minute sneak peak into what Obsidian Entertainment has in store for its fans, here’s the official gameplay reveal video:

In the gameplay reveal, the developers walk fans through one of the game’s major locations, Byzantium, the City of the Elite. Right off the bat, The Outer Worlds is vibrant, colorful, and alive, and its art and graphics style is somewhat reminiscent of the BioShock games.

Many fans have noted that Obsidian Entertainment isn’t straying too far away from their award-winning formula, and that may not be such a bad thing. While it does come with a lot of the things we loved about Fallout: New Vegas like the living, breathing sandbox world, the thousands of obtainable weapon and armor pieces, and the ambient banter of non-player characters, it seems The Outer Worlds is going to be one hell of a unique gameplay experience. After all, even with similar mechanics and gameplay elements as other Obsidian Entertainment games, The Outer Worlds brings players to an entirely new setting, rich with untapped lore and untold stories.

Imagine Fallout: New Vegas but bigger, newer, and set in space.
Imagine Fallout: New Vegas but bigger, newer, and set in space. Obsidian Entertainment

The Outer Worlds is an upcoming action RPG title set on the fringes of space. Developed by the minds behind some of biggest RPG titles such as Fallout: New Vegas, and the Pillars of Eternity franchise, The Outer Worlds is seeing plenty of hype and anticipation. With plenty of experience with the RPG genre under their belt, Obsidian Entertainment has been able to master-craft some of the best gaming titles in history. With The Outer Worlds, the developer aims to bring the beautiful open-world sandbox, sprawling environments, and masterful storytelling that it is famous for to the final frontier of futuristic space.

Earlier this year, Obsidian Entertainment announced that The Outer Worlds for PC would be a timed-exclusive on the Epic Games Store. The announcement had mixed reception among the gaming community, but regardless of what platform it’s going to be on, fans can’t deny that the game is definitely looking good so far. What do you think about The Outer Worlds? Will you be getting it on the Epic Games Store? What other elements, systems, or mechanics do you hope to see when the game comes out later this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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