New ‘Minecraft’ Achievements And Trophies: How To Get The Six New Trophies And Achievements

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minecraft wii u edition
Minecraft Wii U Edition is out on Dec. 17. Nintendo of America / Mojang

The latest Minecraft patch for Console Edition wasn’t super interesting. Sure, it added a few new skins from Story Mode, but mostly it just fixed bugs. It ain’t no Combat Update, that’s for sure. But the new update did include one pretty juicy feature: New achievements and trophies. The PlayStation and Xbox editions both got six new trophies/achievements, while the Wii U edition got achievements for the first time. It’s exciting stuff! Let’s take a look at what’s new.

New Minecraft Trophies And Achievements

Minecraft Wii U Achievements

First off, the easy one: The Wii U edition of Minecraft has achievements now. Wii U doesn’t have system-wide achievement support, but select games—like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and now Minecraft—introduce their own bespoke achievement systems. Minecraft’s is much like it is on the other console editions—it includes all the console achievements, including the six new ones, so now the Wii U version is totally up to date on the achievement front. Let’s talk about those six new ones:

Minecraft PS4, Xbox One, PS3 And Xbox 360 Achievements

The latest Minecraft update added six new trophies to all the console editions of the game. These are as follows, via the wiki.

Tie Dye Outfit

Difficulty: Easy

In-game description: “Dye all 4 unique pieces of leather armor.”

This one’s easy. Get four pieces of leather armor. Dye each one. Try them in different colors for a better look. This is the sort of trophy you’ll probably never get on your own, unless you’re a true artist, but it’s super easy to get now that you know how. And you’ll get a snazzy leather outfit out of it too!


Difficulty: Easy (but Expensive)

In-game description: “Eat a Notch apple.”

A Notch apple is a super-enchanted golden apple. Regular golden apples are made with an apple and eight gold ingots. But Enchanted Golden Apples, also known as Notch apples, are made with an apple and eight blocks of gold, each of which is made from nine gold ingots. So that’s 72 gold ingots altogether, plus an apple. That’s a pricey achievement… but not actually that hard, if you’re willing to pay the price.

It’s worth mentioning that enchanted golden apples don’t exist on the PC edition anymore, so it may be worth getting this achievement quickly, just in case that changes on the Console Edition as well.


Difficulty: Medium

In-game description: Bounce 30 blocks upward off a slime block.

Slime blocks themselves aren’t that hard to get. Just craft nine slime balls together and you’re good to go. Slime balls aren’t exactly ubiquitous, but they’re easy enough to farm once you find an area where slimes spawn.

The hard part is bouncing 30 blocks, which requires pretty substantial drops—more than 50, probably less than 100. And that means you have a pretty small target down below, so it may make sense to build several slime blocks so you don’t miss them and end up a pile of goo yourself. Still, it’s a pretty achievable trophy—and fun!

The Beginning?

Difficulty: Hard

In-game description: Spawn the Wither.

The most serious end-game task in Minecraft finally gets an achievement! The Wither is the hardest boss in Minecraft, and spawning it isn’t too easy either: You need four soul sand, which is easy enough, as well as three wither skeleton skulls—a rare drop from the deadly wither skeletons that inhabit nether fortresses. You’ll probably have to kill well over 100 of them to get enough skulls, so… get crackin’.

The Beginning

Difficulty: Very Hard

In-game description: Kill the Wither.

Unfortunately, spawning the Wither is the easy part. Killing it is the hard part—one of the hardest tasks, if not the hardest, in vanilla Minecraft. I’m not the one to ask for advice… I tried it recently and got totally destroyed. But if you can kill the Wither, this truly difficult achievement is yours.


Difficulty: Medium

In-game description: Create a full Beacon.

So, if you manage to kill a Wither, you’ll get a Nether Star. This can be fashioned into a beacon, which creates a great beam of light that extends skyward. The beacon, if properly powered, creates various beneficial buffs in the area around it. To power it, you need to build a pyramid made out of blocks of rare materials—either diamond, gold, emerald or lowly iron. All are identical in effect; iron and emeralds are certainly the most common. But to make a full pyramid, you’ll need a lot of them— 164 blocks worth. That’s 1,476 of the requisite minerals… a gasp-inducing 23 stacks. I suggest you get mining.

Which achievements and trophies are you going to go for? Have you gotten any yet?


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