New Doom 2016' Mod Enables Fully Working Dynamic Resolution Scaling

Doom 2016 Dynamic Resolution Scaling
Doom 2016 Dynamic Resolution Scaling TheGeek.Games

With Doom Eternal nearing its launch, most people have forgotten about the 2016 Doom reboot that started it all. If you've been active in the modding community for Doom, you must know that the game received a mod shortly after the game's release, unlocking several console commands as well as dynamic resolution scaling. At that moment, however, the option did not work as intended. With dedicated effort, a fan was able tweak the settings for the dynamic resolution scaling, which now enables the mod to work as intended.

Ian Babbit, who tweaked the Dynamic Resolution Scaling in Doom, posted a video on Twitter claiming that he managed to get DSR working in the game. In the post, he also shared a link to his YouTube video, which shows how impressively the mod is currently working.

Doom launched on PC and consoles in 2016 and shortly after got a Nintendo Switch port. Doom is considered one of the best FPS franchises of all time. The game features a fast-paced shooting experience, which is very different than modern sci-fi or military shooter games.

If you haven't played Doom, you are definitely missing out on one of the finest FPS shooters of modern times. The game offers a satisfying 10-14 hour campaign of shooting, killing, and banging your head to amazing metal scores. The game is also amazingly optimized on the PC and it runs quite well on lower-end PCs. Doom is also getting a sequel in March, where developer Id Software has gone above and beyond to offer an amazing demon-slaying experience in Doom Eternal.

Doom is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The successor, Doom Eternal, is also going to launch on all of those platforms except for Nintendo Switch, which will eventually get a port after some time.

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