New Blade & Soul Revolution Update Launches New PvE Raid

Blade & Soul New Dungeon
Get ready for a new dungeon. Netmarble

Netmarble has released a new update for Blade & Soul Revolution which introduces players to a new PvE raid. Cryo Gorge has 16 players band together and try to take on the Cryo Demon King. This boss deals attacks in a wide area with his Cryo Power. Players able to beat the Cryo Demon King get to earn the Radiant Cryo Demon King Legendary Soul Shield which can increase different stats that include which increases various stats including Def. Ignore Attack Power, PvP Pierce Rate, and Attack Reduction, to name a few.

In celebration of this new raid, a new event has been launched which is now live and runs until January 16. For this event, all players need to do is simply enter this new dungeon and then take a screenshot. After that simply post the screenshot on [Events in Progress] - [Cryo Valley]. Those who participate get Dungeon Auto-Clear Ticket (Legendary) x1 and Heroic Ticket Fragment x500.

Fragment Expedition

Players are also invited to be part of the Fragment Expedition event. This one runs until early February when the next update comes out. In this one, all players need to do is finish mission during the period of the event and get rewards. Here are the missions and correspnding rewards:

  • Contribute to Defeating the Evil Beast Conquest Boss 0/1
    • Reward: Ancient Fragment x10
  • Play in the Training Ground (min) 0/50
    • Reward: Ancient Fragment x10
  • Join the Faction War 0/3
    • Reward: Ancient Fragment x10
  • Earn Faction Points 0/60,000
    • Reward: Ancient Fragment x10
  • Complete All Missions
    • Reward: Ancient Fragment x20

Revolution Challenge Skirmish

Fragment Expedition isn't the only event that's now live. There's also Revolution Challenge Skirmish where you take on missions to obtain rewards. These are:

  • Enter 1:1 Arena 0/5
    • Reward: Aura of Skills x5
  • Enter 2:2 Arena 0/5
    • Reward: Aura of Skills x5
  • Attempt to upgrade a Pet 0/3
    • Reward: Super Hongmoon Aura Bundle x5
  • Obtain Skill Badge 0/5
    • Reward: Strength Orb Chest x5
  • Complete All Missions
    • Reward: Aura of Skills x10

Ready to take on the new dungeon? Do you have what it takes to beat the boss?

Blade & Soul Revolution is an open world mobile RPG available to download through the App Store and Google Play.

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