New Beta Test King Arthur: Legends Rise Set for June 29

King Arthur Legends Rise Beta
Can you wield the power of Excalibur? Kabam

A new open beta test has been scheduled for King Arthur: Legends Rise on June 29. However, not everyone gets to experience the power of Excalibur since it is limited to the US, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia. While the game is scheduled to come out later this year, pre-registration is now open on Google Play, App Store, and Steam.

In King Arthur: Legends Rise, players take control of a young Arthur who is defending Camelot against the army of King Lot, a usurper who's using the power of the dark gods to obtain absolute power across Britain and beyond. To save Camelot, Arthur has agreed to a dark pact with the dragon trapped inside Excalibur.

Features of the game include:

  • An Epic King Arthur Quest
    • Experience an immersive medieval campaign inspired by the quest of a young King Arthur.
    • Enjoy epic action and turn-based squad battles versus enemy factions.
    • Defeat fearsome monsters and earn rare rewards.
  • Collect Powerful Arthurian Heroes
    • Collect, upgrade, and fight with legendary Arthurian-inspired knights, warriors, wizards, mages, and more.
    • Each character has their own unique backstory, skills, and abilities that can prove useful in battle.
    • Equip heroes with powerful medieval weapons known as Relics along with equipment earned during adventures.
  • Vanquish Fearsome Enemies
    • Players can fight epic bosses and mythical monsters in intense turn-based battles as they progress through an interactive world with deep RPG systems and design.
    • With each enemy defeated, players can hone their skills and become a master of the battlefield.
  • Advance the Kingdom of Camelot
    • Discover the power that lies in Excalibur, which has been trapped in stone by Arthur's Father, King Pendragon, before he was killed.
    • Wield it to claim the rightful place as the heir to the throne.
    • Rebuild the battle-torn realm to its former glory to be the ultimate fortress.
  • Visually Stunning Graphics
    • Experience visually stunning medieval-fantasy-themed 3D characters, animations, visual effects, and environments developed on Unreal Engine 5.
  • Mobile and PC Crossplay
    • Get to switch seamlessly between computer and mobile devices to play on the go or at home.

King Arthur: Legends Rise is coming to Android, iOS, and PC.

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