New Battlefield 5 Map Is Set On A Mediterranean Island

Battlefield 5's new map is called Mercury.
Battlefield 5's new map is called Mercury. EA

The Tides of War are set to bring a new map to Battlefield 5, and it is called Mercury. Interestingly, the map is based on the events of the Battle of Crete, where German invaders dominated ANZAC, British, and Greek defenders to take hold of the strategically essential Mediterranean Island.

The map is named after the German designation dubbed Operation Mercury. The map is “a proper all-out war” and comes with “classic rock/papers/scissors gameplay.” If the British have tanks, the Germans boast planes.

In terms of size, the new Battlefield 5 map is “medium-large” and offers a total of five capture points. All of them reportedly illustrate the varied terrain the map offers. There is a cove beautifully surrounded by rocky cliffs. Players will also see an abandoned property believed to be previously owned by a very wealthy family. Lastly, there is a marina with an open capture area packed with lots of hills and houses.

The layouts of Mercury, according to EA, focus completely on “verticality.” The video game developer also warns that attacks can come from different, unexpected directions. Plus, players will have to be wary of flanking routes, all of which can prove detrimental to their survivability in the game.

Battlefield 5’s new map is confirmed to arrive on May 30. It will be made free for all players.

In related news, EA finally confirmed that rental servers are coming for Battlefield 5. Originally known as the Rented Server Program, they will be part of an updated system called Private Games. The latter is said to offer a “base level” access, and it is free.

Private Games give players the ability to create their own servers directly from the game’s main menu. Likewise, they can also create servers via a new web-based service currently in development. These servers will be located at the ping site closest to the operator. More importantly, they will remain online as long as someone is using them.

As far as server configurations are concerned, EA said that they will be stored locally. That way, players can quickly restart them whenever they want.

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