NES Classic Edition In Stock Now At Amazon In The Most Insulting Restock Ever

The upcoming Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition console.
The upcoming Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition console. Nintendo

UPDATE: It appears all in-stock Classics at Amazon physical stores have sold out. The retailer will provide more updates in the future if there are any.


NES Classic Edition restocks are happening at Amazon right now, but these precious holiday shopping items aren’t exactly in stock in the way you might expect.

The fervor began on Wednesday when the Amazon Video Games Twitter account teased, “We’ve got a couple exciting [NES Classic] announcements to make in the coming week.” It further advised followers to “stay tuned for more info soon.” Naturally, as eager shoppers will do, some early conclusions were drawn. At least at face value, it’d seem like Amazon has plans to restock the NES Classic Edition in its online storefront.

For now, however, that doesn’t appear to be the case. A tweet dispatched on Thursday revealed that a limited quantity of units were in stock at Amazon’s small assortment of physical retail locations in California, Oregon and Washington. At the time of writing, it appears only the latter of the trio still has any left. In other words, unless you happen to live near any of those three areas in the entire country, there’s no way to get one. In fact, stock has been so limited that we’d venture to call this particular promotion a bit of a troll to the Nintendo faithful.

Not to fear, however, because there are a few optimistic signs worth noting. With regard to Amazon, the original tweet teased “a couple of announcements.” Unless we’ve really messed up the math, this in-store restock only accounts for one. It’s possible that by this coming Wednesday Amazon may roll out something more extensive by way of a full website restock or a Prime member sale.

For other retailers, Best Buy has also been confirmed to have new in-store shipments of the NES Classic Edition for purchase on Dec. 20. Toys R Us is currently closing out its Great Big Christmas Sale, but most of those units are likely to be gone by now. If you want this console before the holiday season is officially over, now’s the time to watch sites like ours with increased vigilance to catch the latest news.

The NES Classic Edition retails for $60 and it comes pre-loaded with 30 classic Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros., The Legend Of Zelda and Metroid.

Do you think Amazon has bigger plans to restock the NES classic in the coming days? Were you able to find one? Tell us in the comments section!

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