Nerf Legends Coming Out This October

Show off those shooting skills.
Show off those shooting skills. GameMill Entertainment

A new game based on Hasbro’s Nerf franchise is set to be released this October. Nerf Legends is a first-person shooter that’s going to be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It’s also going to be released on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. The PC version will launch through Steam.

This is not the first Nerf game to be released. There was Nerf Arena Blast, which was released on PC back in 1999. The next one came out in 2008 and it was Nerf N-Strike for Nintendo Wii.

In Nerf Legends, players are taken to a futuristic and sci-fi world where they need to face legions of robot enemies and boss masters. To take them on, players are armed with various NERF blasters, which are based on their real-world versions. The thing though is that it won’t be enough to just take down these formidable enemies. Players need to make sure they do it in style and pull off high-flying trick shots.

Players can choose from a selection of 15 Nerf blasters along with Mega, Ultra, and Elite lines. They can even customize the blasters through upgradable perks and skins. There are also dart power-ups that can impact battles. Examples include magnetic pull, magnetic push, seeker darts, and freeze.

The game also features 19 levels along with tournament courses. Players need to take on an army of robots and then fight Nerf Master bosses. It’s not all purely fights since spread out across the game are trials, trick shots, navigation challenges, and even puzzles. Meanwhile, levels include the Grand Nerf Arena, Jungle Trouble, Ragnarok Showdown, and Spaceport Blastoff.

There is a single-player campaign mode and online multiplayer modes. The multiplayer modes offer 4v4 battles and an eight-player free-for-all.

Nerf Legends is priced at $49.99. Pre-orders are now being accepted and you can do it at these sites:

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Nerf is a toy brand that was formed by Parker Brothers though it’s currently owned by Hasbro. The majority of the toys are foam-based weaponry. The most familiar ones are the dart guns, also known as blasters.

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