Neos VR Update 2021.3.5.176: New Features, Bug Fixes, and More

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Neos VR developer, Frooxius, recently released a new update that adds some new features and fixes several known issues. The developers have now included the support for importing lights when importing 3D models. To activate this feature, you have to head towards the advanced settings and click on import lights. The feature hasn’t been fully tested and will require tweaks in the near future.

An annoying issue with the VR headset sensor that automatically sets the user’s status to "away" even when the desktop is active has been resolved by this update.

Neos VR update 2021.3.5.176

New Features

  • Added ability to crouch in the desktop mode (using the C key or the left trigger on a gamepad).
  • Added ability to scroll UIX ScrollRect with the mouse scroll wheel.
    • This is based on a new general system for UIX canvases/elements receiving axis movement events.
  • Added support for importing Lights when importing 3D models/scenes. To enable, you need to go to Advanced Settings and check "Import Lights"
    • Currently not heavily tested and might need some tweaking. Will output debug info to log.
    • The intensity of lights might be too strong or too weak after import, depending on the source, and might require the LightSource Wizard to adjust after.
    • Neos will normalize the maximum light intensity to one, to avoid extremely bright lights when large units are used (e.g. watts coming from Blender).
  • Added Keyboard and Mouse Avatar Anchor bindings.
    • Space to release/exit anchor.
    • WASD for primary axis and Arrow Keys for the secondary axis.
    • Space for primary action, Right Control for secondary action.
  • Added GrabbableHandling and ColliderHandling to BakeMeshes, which allows specifying how are those components handled.
    • IfExists (default) - component is added if it exists on the source or if it's needed (e.g. Grabbable will enforce a collider).
    • AlwaysAdd - component will always be added.
    • NeverAdd - component will never be added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mirrors and portals rendering the Overlay layer.
  • Fixed Neos-overridden audio output devices slowly getting more and more delayed over time.
  • Fixed user rapidly flying away when gripping on an object in PhysicalLocomotion and switching to a different locomotion.
  • Fixed user's transform getting corrupted and not syncing anymore when they're gripping on an object that gets destroyed.
  • Fixed user's transferred rotation getting doubled when gripping onto an object (rotating more than they should). This could also potentially fix any extra position and scale offsets in some scenarios.
  • Fixed VR headset presence sensor setting user's status to Away even when the desktop mode is currently active.
  • Fixed dynamic bones getting scaled incorrectly when the user's root space changes while at the same time changing their scale.

You can read more about the update here.

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