Need for Speed Unbound Volume 3 Now Available

Need for Speed Unbound Vol 3 Launch
Race your way to new content. Electronic Arts

It's time to speed up your way to new content with Need for Speed Unbound: Volume 3 finally here. This is the second in a series of post-launch updates and introduces the latest content like new races, new ways to earn XP, and new customizations. There are even new rides including the DMC Delorean (1981).

The latest update also has the Speed Pass, a new way to obtain rewards by finishing challenges and events. It comes with a new progression system that gives out free cosmetics and customization items to those who play. There's a total of 75 tiers of content, featuring new outfits, driving effects, neon lights, banner stickers, and more.

Race Against the Clock

One of the new features in this update is called Linkups. This is a way for players to come together and go on stunt-based driving challenges against the clock. Instead of the track, they'll be racing across the map to one of seven locations, such as the Quarry or Seba Ski Resort. There are also similar challenges in Lakeshore where they need to complete collective goals with increasing difficulty versus the clock for four rounds.

Of course, there are rewards like XP for the Speed Pass and Bank, and for those who finish 12 rounds of the Linkups event will win the new DMC Delorean.

More Ways to Play

The new update introduces a total of 68 new challenges which include 29 new Daily Challenges and 13 sets of different Weekly Challenges. Players can also try out the new Chat Wheel to communicate with others quickly within the Lakeshore community.

The new Drift Playlists also introduce even more variety into the mix, challenging players to earn as much score as they can through each course.

In-Game Store

These new content packs are now available at the in-game store:

  • Robojets Swag Pack($14.99)
    • Players can access a wide range of uniquely designed Robojets-themed items, including clothing pack, driving effect, and an exclusive horn.
    • Legendary Custom Mazda RX-7 Spirit R (2022).
  • Ford Mustang GT Legendary Custom Pack($9.99)
    • Legendary Custom Ford Mustang GT (2015)
    • A 10-level Speed Pass boost which rewards players by unlocking exciting new cosmetics or customization items.
  • Volume 3 Customs Pack($5.99)
    • Volvo 242 DL (1975)
    • Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport (2016)
    • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (2008) Epic Customs

Learn more about Volume 3. Need for Speed Unbound is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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