NBA 2K23 Now Available Worldwide on PC and Consoles

Let's play ball!
Let's play ball! Twitter/@NBA2K

Time to play ball with NBA 2K23, now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. This latest addition to the NBA video game simulation series offers players an authentic and hyper-real basketball experience through the new gameplay innovations and animations, an immersive online community experience, and the return of the Jordan Challenge mode.

In a statement, Visual Concepts President Greg Thomas shared that as a franchise, they've always worked to be at the forefront of basketball culture. This is why they're excited to see players finally get their hands on the game. Thomas added that the incredible attention to detail made this new title the most realistic and authentic thus far.

The game offers several new additions and improvements:

  • This is Game
    • Players compete as their favorite NBA and WNBA teams and stars.
    • This allows them to experience the heights of true-to-life gameplay.
    • Enjoy the best-in-class visual presentation, improved player AI, and up-to-date rosters and historic teams.
    • The game has never felt more real and complete.
    • Feel the energy of the crowd, the intensity of the competition, and the endless entertainment of one of the most immersive sports products in gaming today.
  • ​Michael Jordan Returns
    • The Jordan Challenge has been revamped to offer what could be the most definitive Michael Jordan experience to date.
    • Relive 15 iconic performances from the illustrious career of Michael Jordan.
    • Ten of the original challenges return from NBA 2K11, completely rebuilt from the ground up.
    • There are also five new moments.
  • Make it to the League
    • Players can make their NBA dreams come true with MyCAREER.
    • Forge relationships, build rep, and overcome the arduous obstacles that will test even the most promising ballers.
    • Players can diversify their brand off-the-court and make sure that their name is one to remember on the hardwood floor.
  • Join the Hoops Community
    • Be ready to experience the most immersive City to date on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.
    • Players can take on a journey aboard the G.O.A.T. Boat on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.
    • Regardless of the journey with MyPLAYER, be ready to work, gain rep, and run the courts.
    • Test limits in the Gatorade Training facility.
    • Hit the shops for the freshest gear from the biggest brands before competing in year-round events.
  • Build Your Dream Squad
    • MyTEAM turns fantasy into reality as players collect and earn cards to assemble out-of-this-world starting 5s with legends and All-Stars from any era.
    • Discover immersive challenges, competitive tournaments, exciting rewards, and new updates season after season.
  • Take it to the Top
    • Call the shots and build a dynasty or decide the league’s trajectory in the most immersive managerial simulation experience in MyNBA.
    • This is available only on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.
    • Choose to start the journey during different eras and experience unmatched control paired with in-depth tools to inform decision-making and success.

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