Naraka: Bladepoint Dual Blades Ready to Slice in Latest Update

New Weapon: Dual Blades
New Weapon: Dual Blades Steam

The martial arts battle royale game Naraka: Bladepoint got an update that added a new weapon, which has the damage potential that will strike fear in the hearts of many.

The Dual Blades are now available in Naraka: Bladepoint. This fast pair of weapons give players some cool new abilities when equipped. For instance, players can initiate a series of slashes at great speed by using Severance . There’s also the Belladonna Sprint where players can dash toward the enemy and perform Severance immediately after. Then, there’s Petal Fall Flurry that unleashes a flurry of hacks and slashes, enveloping foes in energy blasts from the blades in the process.

Aside from the new weapon, some balancing changes have been implemented that affect certain heroes. The extra slashes from Yoto Hime’s ultimate, Ominous Blade: Combo, has their damage multiplier reduced to 1.6. On top of that, Justina Gu’s Shadowswipe base damage multiplier has been reduced to 0.1.


Yoto Hime
  • Adjusted her ultimate [Ominous Blade] and all its variations. The basic Damage Multiplier of its slashes was reduced from 4.5 to 2.6 for the 1st slash, 3.2 for the 2nd slash, and 3.8 for the 3rd slash
  • Increased the single moving distance of her Skill [Silent Flutter: Rapid Flash] to 9 meters
  • Added a new mechanism to her ultimate [Unseen Wings] and all its Talents. Now when Matari is in stealth, [Silent Flutter]'s CD will be reduced and the moving distance will be increased and be with the [Backstab] status
  • Backstab: An enemy within the range of [Silent Flutter] in front of Matari will be locked. When the enemy is locked, Matari can use [Silent Flutter] to teleport to the target's back and launch a special attack
  • Reduced max rage needed to cast her ultimate [Unseen Wings] and all its variations by 20%
Takeda Nobutada
  • [Demonic Aid: Teleport] attacks no longer grant the user Rage
  • [Demonic Aid: Teleport] attacks now restore the attacker's health by 30% of the damage dealt
  • Nunchucks
    • Changed the Biding Fury consumed by Horizontal Block from one stack to two stacks
    • Reduced the damage reduction ratio while triggering Horizontal Block from 80% to 50%
    • You now can get into the golden Focus after the second strike of Dragon Flurry
  • Unarmed
    • Slightly reduced the stagger time caused by airborne vertical strikes to enemies falling down while in unarmed status
  • Controller
    • Optimized the deadzone of the view while using the joystick. Adjusted the default value to 16. Settings beyond this value will not be affected

Naraka: Bladepoint June 23 Update is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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