Naraka: Bladepoint Melee Assist Mode for Controllers Added in Latest Update

May 31 Update
May 31 Update Twitter/@NARAKATHEGAME

Do you play Naraka: Bladepoint using controllers? If so, you’ll definitely love the latest update with the new melee assist mode feature added for gamepads.

Three new options have been added in the settings menu related to the melee assist mode feature. The first is the Aim Assist + Camera Shift option where melee strikes are automatically aimed toward the enemy, with the camera facing them while attacking. This is the default setting and you can change it at any time.

The second is Aim Assist only and it works pretty much the same way as the first, except that the camera doesn’t move when you’re attacking the enemy. And lastly, you can just turn this feature off entirely if you do want to use it.

Another major feature added to Naraka: Bladepoint is the private message notification. Simply put, you can now turn audio and text notifications on or off for private messages from friends.


Justina Gu
  • Justina Gu no longer gains rage when ice fog is active after casting ultimate [Arctic Wraith·Frostwind]
  • Adjusted the initial skill [Ice Core]. It no longer negates physical strikes during the startup frames (0 to 1 second), but Justina Gu gains a 70% damage reduction. After the startup frames, Justina Gu's physical immunity will resume. Other features of [Ice Core], such as active interruption, focus, restoration, etc., have not been adjusted
  • Reduced Wuchen and allies' damage reduction from 90% to 70% when Wuchen uses ultimate [Tai Chi Rift] to teleport allies
  • Increased the required rage limit by 25% (to be the same as most heroes) for unleashing ultimates [Tai Chi Rift] and [Tai Chi Rift·Switch]
  • Increased the range of the first hit after the grab in [Mythic Grab] and [Mythic Grab·Defend] slightly, and they can now interrupt enemies in blue Focus
  • [Mythic Grab] and [Mythic Grab·Defend] are no longer interruptible by weapon moves while Wuchen is grabbing a blade. Also, Takeda can perform assault moves more conveniently now after a grab
  • Increased the catch range of [Mythic Grab·Defend]
  • Increased [Demonic Aid: Teleport]'s maximum aiming distance to 25 meters. Improved its strike range
  • Adjusted damage multiplier in Unarmed Status
    • Vertical strike 1st stage Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 2.79 to 1.13
    • Horizontal strike 1st stage Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 2.32 to 1.12
    • Airborne Vertical strike stage Damage Multiplier: adjusted from 2.58 to 1.88

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Naraka: Bladepoint is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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