Naraka: Bladepoint AI Difficulty Lowered in March 2 Update

March 2 Update
March 2 Update Twitter/@NARAKATHEGAME

Fighting against the AI in Naraka: Bladepoint is now easier, thanks to the most recent update.

The developers have slightly reduced the combat ability of AI opponents when Naraka: Bladepoint ’s difficulty level is set to Normal or Medium. With this change, players can now practice their favorite hero’s moves without getting beaten easily by the AI.

This patch also adds a new feature that may help reduce abrupt quitting in matches. Now, players who frequently quit during the preparation phase in Ranked mode will have their reputation scores reduced considerably.

Some quality-of-life features are introduced as well. For instance, the Souljade Storage now has a search feature that lets players find specific Souljades more quickly just by typing in the name.

Patch Notes

  • Combat Adjustments
    • It is now possible to reduce the Health of Matron of Yushan to below 50% before she finishes casting the ultimate.
    • Reduced the CPU usage of the special effect performance of all Ice-wielding Souljades.
  • Stage Adjustments
    • Changed the recommended Sense Level for Doom mode from 295 to 180.
  • Enigma Domain
    • Added real-time match information to the board on the right, including suggestions, time extension preview, boss status, etc.
    • In each round, when the progress reaches 75%, the respawn point of the next boss will be shown on the map.
    • Now, the remaining time of the "Enigmatic Force·Aegis-break" will be displayed below the character’s status, and the duration of "Enigma Domain·Grappling Hook Boon" is now the same as that of Aegis-break effect (50 sec).
  • Frost Cannon
    • Fixed the issue where the Frostbite damage of the frost wind didn't take effect correctly. Hits of frost wind are slightly added with extra damage.
  • Ice Bomb
    • Fixed the issue where the continuous Frostbite damage didn't take effect correctly. Continuous hits are slightly added with extra damage.
  • Quality of Life Features
    • Names of Souljades are now directly shown in the Souljade Storage.
    • Added filtering function, where you can select attributes to filter out the Souljades you want.
    • Added quick equip by right-clicking.
  • Aligned with logic of other marks in the game, adjusted the mark on Soul Altars, from "Estimated time: X sec" to the Distance to the target.
  • When taking Quest Scrolls, you can now use Jump, Dodge, and Crouch to interrupt.
  • It is now possible to use Counter to interrupt Rescue action.
  • Changed the assessment of battle difficulty from a concrete score difference to a score range.
  • In the Item Shop in Free Training mode, the sorting order has been changed from "sorting same weapons of different qualities together" to "sorting different weapons of the same quality together."

Naraka: Bladepoint March 2 update is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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