Naraka: Bladepoint Celebrates the Year of the Rabbit in Latest Update and Players are Invited

January 12 Update
January 12 Update Twitter/@NARAKATHEGAME

Naraka: Bladepoint invites players to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in the latest update. Players who sign in from now until February 8 will get special weekly rewards, with a new set of rewards each week, including the Dynastic Treasure Gift Choice, a Legendary Outfit, Legendary Background, and Legendary Base, among many others.

Anyway, after updating to the latest version, players will find a Lucky Rabbit’s Treasure Pot during the preparation scene in all game modes. This thing can shower them with lots of Lucky Rabbit’s Ingots. Players can obtain up to eight ingots in each match, though there is a daily limit of 15 per day.

The Lucky Rabbit’s Ingots can be found in the inventory and opening them up gives players a certain amount of Spectral Silk. Players also have a chance of obtaining the following if they’re lucky:

  • Spring Lantern Ji
  • Regular Treasure Choice Gift (x10)
  • Spring Legendary Melee Weapon Gift
  • Spring Legendary Ranged Weapon Gift
  • Spring Legendary Outfit Gift
  • Spring Legendary Accessory Gift
  • Gold Koi Choice Gift
  • Dynamic Treasure Choice Gift
  • Score Keeper Card
  • Epic Outfit Choice Gift
  • Epic Weapon Choice Gift
  • Spark Coin
  • Treasure Bonus

In addition, there’s an item called the Auspicious Fireworks that players can find at any point in a match. When used, players are granted an armor restoration buff, as well as a luck boost that lasts for two minutes.

The Lucky Rabbit Ingots and Auspicious Fireworks are available in Naraka: Bladepoint until February 1.

Patch Notes

  • The Damage Reduction provided when cutting the link of skill [Binding Prayer: Guard] has been adjusted from "99% for 2.5 sec" to "90% for 4 sec."
Valda Cui
  • Adjustments to [Nether Nightmare]'s oceanic energy: now the oceanic energy will uplift Valda Cui and offer a chance of water spear attack whether it hits an enemy or not. Besides, the water spear can also interrupt [Blackout].
Feria Shen
  • Optimized Bronze Mech's running and jumping actions, as well as Feria Shen's performance while piloting Bronze Mech.
  • Optimized [Gunplay: Scattershot]'s action and hit feel.
  • Adjusted the display of Bronze Mech's durability to make it visible to teammates.
  • Increased the effective radius of damage reduction from 7m to 15m when enabling [Overclock] under the ultimate [Mech Mayhem: Restore].
Ziping Yin
  • Increase the continuous recovery value of [Saving Grace] from "45 per sec" to "55 per sec."
  • Increase the instant recovery value after triggering the Sedate Soul in [Saving Grace: Aegis] from "300 per sec" to "500 per sec."
Dual Blades
  • Appropriately increase the duration of the Focus when charging Horizontal Strike on spot, and the Focus status ends when you move.
  • Slightly decrease the startup frames of Counterstrike.

Naraka: Bladepoint January 12 Update is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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