New Boss and New Hero Now Available in Naraka: Bladepoint

New boss battle and new hero.
New boss battle and new hero. 24 Entertainment

A new update is now live in Naraka: Bladepoint which has warriors face off against a new boss. It's not all dark though since there's a new playable hero. Players can also look forward to experiencing new PvE content, available every weekend.

In Showdown: Chapter III, the campaign reaches its climax with players finally getting the chance to do battle against the Dark Maiden atop the Yushan mountains. This new boss battle is sure to test even the most experienced players, especially those brave enough to try it on Nightscream difficulty.

As mentioned, there's a new playable hero in the game, with Tianhai joining the PvE roster as its seventh character. Like other heroes, he has two weapon specialties which are Staff and Swarm. He also has two unique skills that can be combined to wreak havoc on opponents. Just remember that the more quests completed in Showdown, the stronger Tianhai becomes as his abilities are upgraded while also equipping him with lootable Souljades.

Speaking of Souljades, Showdown: Chapter III introduces more than 15 of them, and each has been imbued with special powers and stat bonuses. The more powerful the Souljades equipped, the higher the Sense level which increases the core attributes of a character and gives them the needed assistance to meet the requirements to face tougher missions. For those who want to attempt Chapter III on normal difficulty, it is recommended to first reach Sense level 100.

Other New Content

Here are the other new content that arrived with the new update:

  • New Mode: Enigma Domain
    • In the game of Enigma Domain, monsters grow stronger over time.
    • Before time runs out, the more monsters you defeat, the more rewards you get.
  • New Type of Omens: Frostbite Omens
    • Affected by the Matron of Yushan, many Omens turn into [Frostbite Omens] which accumulate heroes' Frostbite.
    • When Frostbite reaches a certain amount, the hero becomes frozen.
    • Equipping Souljades with the [Ice-wielding] attribute can help to resist the effect brought by Frostbite Omens.

Naraka: Bladepoint was first released on PC in August 2021, followed by an Xbox Series X/S release in June 2022. A version for PlayStation 5 is currently in development.

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