Mutant Year Zero’s Latest Expansion Seed Of Evil Now Available

Seed of Evil expansion now available.
Seed of Evil expansion now available. The Bearded Ladies

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden's latest expansion Seed of Evil is now available. This latest addition to the game introduces a new storyline, along with a new hero and new areas to explore.

The story of Seed of Evil picks up where Mutant Year Zero left off. That said, players need to finish the main story first before proceeding to this one. This is not only because of the possible story spoilers, but also the range of new content. In this expansion, players need to overcome a new threat and solve the mystery of the powerful and ominous roots which have taken over the Ark, seemingly taking control over peoples’ minds. The good news is that players get reinforcement in the form of a new playable character, Big Khan. Big Khan is a fire-breathing moose who is skilled at landing critical hits and comes with several unique mutations.

Funcom Chief Product Officer Lawrence Poe said in a press release that the game is a gem and that “it has been a privilege to work with our friends at The Bearded Ladies on this project. They have poured all their passion, creativity and humor into this game, and the result is truly special.”

Meanwhile CEO and self-proclaimed Circus Director at The Bearded Ladies, Haraldur Thormundsson, shared in the release that the feedback they gathered from the original game was overwhelming and resulted in them offering the Seed of Evil expansion. He added that they "have worked very hard on this and I feel confident that everyone who enjoyed the original game, will enjoy the expansion as well.”

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden was released in December of 2018. This turn-based tactical adventure game received critical acclaim for its gameplay, artwork, and captivating characters. Mutant Year Zero is set in post-apocalyptic Sweden. Players control mutants searching through the ruins of civilization using stealth and combat strategies to find something to eat, at the very least. Throughout the game, players will evolve through a series of curious mutations, which are necessary to survive the threats of extinction.

Seed of Evil is available on Steam for $14.99 with a Digital Deluxe Edition, consisting of both the original game and the expansion, available for $44.99. The DLC requires the base Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden game on Steam in order to play. The Deluxe Edition and the expansion are also available for digital and retail purchase on Xbox One. Retail and digital release of the Deluxe Edition on PlayStation 4 is anticipated very soon

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