MultiVersus Update 1.06 Brings Ranked and Major Black Adam Changes

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You now have one more reason to sink several hours in MultiVersus. The latest patch released recently finally brought Ranked mode to the game. However, it is in alpha state and will conclude on November 15. So go ahead and play the mode while you can. Climb the ladder by earning Ranked Points. Players will also get a “Triumphant Toast Alpha” profile icon by winning 15 Ranked sets.

The patch brought a ton of balancing changes as well. Several characters like Tom and Jerry, LeBron, and Jake were touched upon, but Black Adam received the most number of changes. The superhero was recently added to the game via a previous update.

You can read about the balancing changes below.

Character Updates

Black Adam
  • Grounded Down Attack- Earth bolt no longer attempts to lead its target
  • Grounded Down Attack- Earth bolt checks a larger range when deciding whether to emerge beneath an airborne victim
  • Grounded Up Attack- Increased hitbox size, more slide, and the lightning’s knockback direction now is in the direction it comes down
  • Aerial Neutral Attack- Uncharged attack now comes out 4 frames earlier
  • Grounded Neutral Special- Comes out faster, branches earlier on whiff, has a greater minimum range, has a shorter cooldown of 10 seconds, and has knockback scaling on throw
  • Air/Ground Up Special- Flight now has a faster takeoff and greater speed
  • Bug Fix- Grounded Up Attack’s lightning will now spawn below the roof in Scooby’s Mansion
Bugs Bunny
  • Neutral Air Attack- Spin punch branches to most attacks earlier out of on hit attacks
  • Air Down Special- House hitbox and movement starts 5 frames later
  • Air Neutral Attack- Increased size and duration of active hit frames
  • Bug Fix- Basketball knockback when hitting up close sends at the intended angle now
Tom And Jerry
  • Neutral Special- Neutral Special Jerry when hitting up close sends at the intended angle now

You can read the complete patch notes of MultiVersus Update 1.06 via the official site.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing MultiVersus recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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