Multiplayer Medieval Slasher Mordhau Coming To PC This April

Huge-scale medieval multiplayer battles incoming.
Medieval multiplayer gorefest is back on the menu.
Medieval multiplayer gorefest is back on the menu. Triternion

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is about to get some serious competition.

Developer Triternion has formally announced that their large-scale multiplayer medieval hack-and-slash title Mordhau will see release this April 29. The announcement was accompanied with a very gory and bloody trailer. Watch at your own risk below:

Triternion promises full-scale sized, epic combat with up to 64 players in one match, as well as small-scale ones for those who want to keep things a little less hectic. Players can also take part in various activities such as castle sieges, cavalry charges, and a survival mode against hordes of AI enemies. Mordhau also comes with a battle royal mode, which I'm very interested in. You start the mode with only your fists as you seek to be the last one standing by the end of the match.

Mordhau was a Kickstarter success after it received $300,000 in pledges. While the Steam page doesn't yet offer a price on the game, a $20 pledge on the Kickstarter page secured your copy of the game. It's likely the retail release will feature a similar pricetag.

Mordhau is a PC exclusive title. It's scheduled to be release on Steam next week, April 29.

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