MU Origin Introduces New Halidom System in Latest Update

Enjoy new content.
Enjoy new content. Webzen

There are a lot of new things available in MU Origin with the release of the 16.0 update. One of these is the new Halidom System which we’ll look into. There is also a new Artifact and Holy Gear.

Before we go into those, let’s dive first into the new Hero-based features like the Hero Statue. Players can evolve the statue by defeating enemies and then improve their Hero afterward. Added as well is Shrine War where the damage of the character is decreased but the Hero’s damage is increased.

Halidom System

The Halidom system is a feature that when equipped on the shoulder of the character, increases their Combat Power. To get the Halidom, players need to reach Rebirth 10 Lv. 100. They can then go to the Holy Treasure to get it. The Holy Treasure itself can be accessed once a day for free or by using Diamonds. The Halidom has one main slot and five sub-slots. It has three grades: Rare, Epic, and Legend.

New Additions

In addition to the Halidom, there is also a new Artifact that can help increase the Attack DMG and DEF of the character. This Artifact can be enhanced to further increase the DMG and DEF. Overall, the Artifact can be enhanced up to Tier 12 with each Tier having 50 levels.

Another addition is the Holy Gear which is used especially in PvP. There are four types of Holy Gear: HP, DEF, DMG, and Thunder. Each of the Holy Gear has four skills and can be activated when the gear reaches Tier 1, Tier 50, Tier 120, and Tier 200. Every skill has different effects and is enhanced further when the skill level gets higher.


As an update, expect some improvements. Blood Castle entrance auto purchase is now available. There are also nine Nobility Grades added:

  • Hero
  • Brave Hero
  • Super Hero
  • Legend
  • Ancient Legend
  • Mighty Legend
  • God
  • Guardian God
  • Supreme God

You can read the complete patch notes here. MU Origin can be downloaded for free on Google Play and App Store.

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