War Thunder Update Brings Multiple Bug Fixes

Some good changes.
Some good changes. Gaijin

A new update has been released for War Thunder and it’s one that players will love. That’s because it brings a lot of fixes that improve the gameplay experience. For starters, all updates and fixes in the game are now shown once players arrive in the hangar.

Update Fixes

These are three big fixes introduced by the new update:

  • Tracks in the hit camera
    • A while back, a new mechanic was introduced but it resulted in the tracks on some vehicles disappearing from the animation in the game’s hit camera. With the update, the tracks are now correctly displayed.
  • Erratic Missiles
    • There were cases when missiles fired by other players behaved strangely like flying sideways. However, the issue was more visual since the missiles were behaving correctly. The new update has fixed the problem and now the missiles fly accurately.
  • Capturing the sun with a seeker
    • One of the problems with using infrared homing missiles was their tendency to target the sun. This strange behavior has been fixed.

Update Improvements

These are the three major improvements from the new update:

  • Commander's Sight
    • In Simulation Battles, putting a unit in the crosshairs of the gunner and waiting for a while results in knowing if they are allies or enemies. This mechanic has now been added to the new Commander’s Sights.
  • Shell Tracking Camera
    • When the “Red Skies” update was released, it added a shell tracking feature to the ship’s cannons. This allowed for easier targeting and an amazing sight to see exploding ships. This has been improved with the firing results now clearer, among others.
  • Shell Cards in the Module Window
    • Missiles, as well as other ordinance cards, are now displayed when the players move their cursor over them. This is particularly useful for those who haven’t been able to research all weapons.

Read the complete patch notes here.

War Thunder is classified as a vehicular combat multiplayer video game released in 2016 on PC and consoles. It has received several awards, and by 2019, was considered one of the most played games on Steam.

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