Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord Developer Diary - Big Changes Coming To The Renown System

The permadeath and clan mechanics have overhauled it to be more in-line with the gameplay.
Renown is being changed in Bannerlord, and TaleWorlds' latest developer diary shares everything new with the system.
Renown is being changed in Bannerlord, and TaleWorlds' latest developer diary shares everything new with the system. TaleWorlds

It’s time for another in-depth look at one of the most highly-anticipated PC games in recent memory, as TaleWorlds has just released another developer diary for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

For this iteration, renown is thrust onto the spotlight, an aspect that is one of the most important in all of the Mount & Blade titles. Renown is a mechanic that’s akin to ‘reputation’ in RPG titles, although here it’s quite deeply ingrained in the overall system. Simply put, all your deeds are weighed, with actions and choices taken into account to place you on a rung on the world’s social ladder. It’s a great system that fortunes the bold and rewards those who know what they want, and for me it’s an amazing thing to see other factions tremble in fear of my might.

However, as Bannerlord moves towards a much more realistic permanent death and clan system, it also makes sense that renown follows suit. Renown in the previous games worked individually, where only your character benefitted from being famous and well-known. In Bannerlord, however, renown moves from your character to your entire clan, with your entire faction being responsible for strengthening the fame of the entire group, as opposed to it being tied to your own achievements alone.

As a very avid fan of the Mount & Blade titles, I can definitely see the reasoning behind this being valid as it essentially makes it easier to progress throughout the game without fear of losing all that renown. While a permanent death system may be in place, your heirs can take your place, carrying on in your name for the glory of the entire clan, which means that not all is lost yet.

In addition, gaining renown will also progress the clan further in terms of what the game has to offer, opening up paths and other opportunities that were previously not known when your faction was not as renowned. Progression of the clan in the renown system also opens up additional party slots, increased companion limit, and more caravans that can work under the clan’s tutelage.

While I certainly will miss being the lone wolf without any real loyalty (also known as a scumbag) to any faction, the change in this mechanic gives options for the players to play the game at whatever pace they want without taking much more risks. I do wish that renown will take a hit depending on how powerful the clan is if your character dies, as that is akin to a ruler dying with his subordinates and subjects still intact.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will be released on PC at a still unspecified time.

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