The Mothership Has Landed in SpaceBourne 2 Latest Update

Update v2.0.0 Burak Dabak

A plethora of new content awaits SpaceBourne 2 players in Update v2.0.0, which update is headlined by the new ship class: the Mothership.

The Mothership in SpaceBourne 2 is a gigantic ship that acts similarly to floating stations. It features numerous consoles, including the upgrade console, armory, and market, among others. But the main feature of the Mothership is that it can carry two fighter-class ships, which players can use during space battles.

For a more boots-on-the-ground approach, Update v2.0.0 also introduced a new ground squad called the Nova Squad. Players can summon this elite group to fight alongside them during ground battles. What's more, they have the power to assign Nova Squad soldiers to any of the four areas of specialization, including Tank, Reaper, Blitzkrieg, and Medic.

In addition, SpaceBourne 2 now uses the new limb damage and gore system. Essentially, players can now inflict damage on the enemy's individual limbs in ground combat. Each limb has its own armor that can be shattered with attacks. Moreover, the gore system has been implemented for limbs that are shot after piercing through enemy armor.

And lastly, Update v2.0.0 includes a new drone management system that lets players manage their drones, giving them orders dynamically during the course of the game. On top of that, the developers increased the maximum number of drones that ships can carry from eight to 15, so there's plenty of drones to work with, especially in more challenging missions.

Bug Fixes

  • Signals interface (top-right) does not refresh after merging Crates. Requires clicking it to refresh.
  • When trying to warp to a Planet while being far away, I receive the message "You are in Planet orbit" and cannot warp to the planet.
  • When opening the settings menu, there are placeholder texts.
  • Ship rotation gets disrupted when ejecting from the ship in space.
  • In the WRA fighter ship's cockpit view, when I press the thruster while moving straight, the camera shakes as if I hit something.
  • Trading Sectors in Galaxy Trade are showing as "None."
  • Having multiple side missions in the same system and moving in and out of the system can cause issues.
  • If I suddenly level up more than one level after killing a high-level target, the game crashes.
  • I'm stuck in the hangar and can't leave. Going through the door teleports me back into the hangar.
  • Sometimes, when warping to a point on the planet's surface from a long distance, the warp takes a very long time, approximately 20 minutes.
  • Sometimes, contracts spawn in Stargates.
  • Sometimes, the Fill Ammo feature doesn't work in Ammo consoles.
  • When raiding a village, if I exit and re-enter the planet, the loot respawns.
  • The piracy system is not working. The ships I'm tracking warp too slowly, and even when they warp, I can't see where they went on the scanner.
  • In crowded battles, the frame rate drops by approximately 50 every 2-3 seconds but returns to normal after about 1 second.
  • Trade-class ships rotate too quickly in relative mode.

SpaceBourne 2 Update v2.0.0 is available on PC.

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