Mortal Online 2 Update Brings New Resources, Tweaks, and Bug Fixes

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Mortal Online 2, the first person MMORPG developed by Star Vault AB, received an update yesterday. Patch 1.0.09 brought several changes to existing content and fixed around half a dozen bugs.

From now on, confirm buttons will be shown when you are leaving or disbanding the guild. New gatherable resources are added to Myrland, while Haven now has more roaming bandits. The patch lowered the value of some fishes and increased the strength of some.

The rest of the changes are mentioned below:

  • Rebuilt the queue system to be more reliable and informative. You can now see your position and an estimate of the time you will have to wait. The new system also keeps connections alive in a better way. Part of this change made the “logging in” sequence longer but just let it do its thing and you should correctly connect. You also keep your spot in the queue for much longer now. If the game crashes while you are in the middle of the queue you now have 10 minutes to log in to keep your spot.
  • Added 2 more nodes to help balance the players better in the world. This makes it so that we can take in a lot more players.
  • Improve load balance that decides when the server queue should start. This should make it so that the server only starts a queue when it needs to, leading to more players on the server.
  • Improved the startup sequence for the server to make sure that it has fully started before starting the startup queue.
  • Myrland queue message is now shown as a popup that you need to confirm in the haven city selection UI.
  • Updated taming and domination messages to make them a bit more clear
  • Multiple crash fixes in the UI.
  • Fixed issue where clicking the vertical border of the window would be detected as a drag input causing the user not to be able to stop dragging the window.
  • Fixed the correct vendor value on Clothos animal parts.
  • Fixed house doors and keep gates playing the opening animation incorrectly while loading in.
  • Fixed being unable to upgrade your house in certain rare instances.
  • Fixed decoration mode not activating while standing on top of furniture inside a house.
  • Fixed instant respawners in Myrland.

You can check out the complete patch notes via Steam.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Mortal Online 2 recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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