Mortal Online 2: Beta Patch Now Available

Mortal Online 2
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Mortal Online 2 is a first-person sandbox MMORPG developed and published by Star Vault AB. Explore a massive open world filled with dangers in every corner. It features deep character customization, an open skill system with hundreds of skills, and a complex crafting system where the possibilities are endless.

That said, the final feature patch for the game is here. Read further to find out what you can expect.

New Features

Beta Patch introduces new features and changes. For features, this update adds the first set of house decorations. A journal is now available that gets updated every time you encounter something new in the world.

Those who want to acquire monsters will definitely love this update with the newly added Dominate skill. For those who do not know, you can dominate some monsters - allowing you to turn them into pets and train them to fight with you. Furthermore, a new type of Young Minotaurs is added that can be dominated.

Some major improvements have been implemented as well. For instance, new options are now available to let you choose a nation and race much easier in the character creation screen.

Patch Highlights

  • Added Rugged Garments armor set
  • Added nation tattoos set to character creation. You now choose between the clade or nation tattoo sets
  • Added red priest to Hyllspeia region
  • Added fishing to rivers
  • Added Voice Chat setting for testing input and output devices with visual indicator and audio playback
  • Added Voice Chat setting for adjusting Voice Activation threshold when not using push-to-talk (yellow bar on visual indicator)
  • You can no longer unlearn all clade gifts by pressing a button
  • Removed the veteran button from the skill window
  • XP gains when extracting are now impacted by the quantity
  • Athletics, footspeed, sprinting, and jumping now level up faster
  • You no longer regenerate less stamina when damaged
  • Removed stamina cost on taking damage
  • Added lore texts to character creation
  • You now regain reserves twice as fast when resting
  • Stolen items now show "Stolen" when hovered
  • All servers have been upgraded
  • Fixed issue with chests/spawners on the server becoming unstable after a very long uptime
  • Weekly server restarts should now be working again
  • Added better handling of mounts when the rider moves between nodes
  • Added more checks to make sure mounts do not get removed from a client when he/she is on the mount
  • You can no longer interrupt the resurrect sequence by entering combat mode

Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch is available on PC.

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