Mortal Online 2: School of Necromancy Added in Patch

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Developer Star Vault AB launched the biggest update for Mortal Online 2 to date. Patch introduces the new school of Necromancy that teaches players how to combine the carcasses of dead creatures with mystical artifacts to create subservient minions.

Players who have mastered the art of Necromancy can summon the putrid and fearsome Tupilak - a grisly abomination ready to wreak havoc at the behest of its master.

The latest update for Mortal Online 2 brought tons of new additions as well. For instance, players can now craft legendary armor pieces and shields. A massive new boss is also spotted somewhere deep in the remote parts of Myrland; players should come prepared. Otherwise, they run the risk of getting wiped out by this fearsome foe.

Here are some of the other highlights of Patch

  • You can now equip a shield with lances.
  • Added trinket vendors to Haven.
  • You can now get trinkets in Haven as a rare drop.
  • Expanded AI:
    • AI can now spawn with buffs.
    • AI can now have more interesting hit zones instead of just distance from the AI.
    • Added support for static AI.
    • Added proper support for AI weak spots that turn on and off.
    • AI can now have attacks it only uses if you are far away.
  • Added a new dungeon.
  • Added a new accompanying boss to the new dungeon.
  • Added new enemies that may be encountered in the new dungeon.
  • Unreal Engine upgraded to 4.27. The game now uses Oodle compression to reduce the game size and thus improve load times from disk. This means that the full game is now only 60% of its previous size.
  • Upgraded DLSS version to v2.3.5.
  • Activated clade gift experience sharing with healers again.
  • Legacy trinkets will now check for a version update when recharged. This means that the trinket will increase its base and gem tier to be in line with the current trinket balance.
  • Bosses will now reset in a better way when they no longer have a target
  • Bosses will now reset even if there are dead players close to it.
  • You can now left-click on a spell in the spellbook UI to lock the spell and its spell page, making it easier to see stats and what reagents are necessary to cast it.
  • Added pet equipment category to the broker
  • You can now put trinkets in bags.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Mortal Online 2 Patch is available on PC.

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