Mortal Online 2 Patch Krampos Now Speaks and Molvas Has Risen, Patch Notes Here

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Mortal Online 2, the online sandbox game by Star Vault, received a small update a few hours ago. Patch gives Krampos the ability to speak and also raises Molvas. From now on, unstabled and traded pets will be passive by default, and heat won’t have any effect on stamina anymore.

Magic Reflect now works against AI spells as intended and the odd attack behavior on all crabs is fixed. Raffle bag locations have been tweaked and spam filtering will no longer affect pet messages.

The developer has acknowledged two bugs as well, which weren’t fixed by today’s patch. These are the lack of rise animation for Risen Molvas and a bright glare when crafting windows in some regions. You can read the complete patch notes below.

  • Krampos now speaks!
  • Risen Molvas
  • All risen pets except the Tupilak now have a focus threshold of 1. This means they will do full damage without building any focus.
  • Stamina is no longer affected by heat. We will revisit this for Sprint 4.
  • Unstabled or traded pets now default to being passive.
  • Changed the way buffs show up in the UI to fix the issues with buffs now correctly showing.
  • Magic Reflect now correctly works against AI spells.
  • Celaeno taming range increased, this should fix the issue with dominating them.
  • Terror Bird sound now has better falloff, it should not be as loud.
  • Fixed odd attack behavior on all crabs.
  • Fixed issue with hit impact sounds not correctly changing depending on what armor you hit.
  • Removed random wait time for all focus attacks after the attack was completed.
  • You can no longer place horse equipment on Molvas.
  • Fixed issue where several buffs would show up with the incorrect time on clients.
  • Several typos were fixed.
  • Tweaked Raffle bag locations.
  • Fixed Celaeno meat not being extractable when butchering.
  • Pet messages are now exempt from spam filtering.
Known Issues
  • Risen Movlas have no rise animation.
  • Crafting window has a bright glare in some weathers or regions.

You can check out the complete patch notes via Steam.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Mortal Online 2 recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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