Mortal Kombat 11 Making Changes To Augments

Something big is changing.
Something big is changing. NetherRealm Studios

Mortal Kombat 11 officially released Aftermath on May 26. This expansion continues from one of the endings in the main game and offers a new storyline. It also introduces three new characters along with new skin packs. There is also another change coming, and this is for the Augments.

In the game, Augments are items which can be equipped on Gear and result in modifying or enhancing the abilities of a character. The effect of the augments can only be experienced under single-player modes. While they can still be seen in online or ranked modes, they don’t give any competitive advantage.

With the arrival of Aftermath, what’s going to happen is that players are going to have their Augments converted over time. In addition, all existing Augments of a player are set to be unequipped.

In a post from the Mortal Kombat 11 team, they said that the idea behind this change is to "improve the system for both new and experienced players and make it easier to have more diverse and powerful builds for their fighters.”

Players should note that the 1:1 conversion of their owned Augments is going to be converted to the closest equivalent of the new Augments. The team did point out that “depending on how recently each player has played the game, the process might take some time to complete.” They also added that the change to Augments are not going to interfere with the player’s ability to enjoy the new stages, stage fatalities, and Friendships introduced in the expansion.

That said, there’s going to be hundreds of new Generic Augments added to the game. These augments can be socketed to any gear piece and any character for slots one and two. The slots default to the Soul type and augments of the same name and can’t be stacked. The augment types are:

  • Soul: improves rewards earned in Kombat
  • Nether Flame: increases offensive capabilities
  • Order Krystal: increases defensive capabilities
  • Chaos Energy: enhances elemental powers
  • Dragon Blood: grants a variety of unique bonuses
  • Jinsei Essence: character-specific bonuses

The last augment, Jinsei Essence, is actually a new addition. It’s going to be placed in a third augment slot and there’s a total of 12 unique Jinsei Essence augments for each character.

Another change implemented to augments is that it’s now possible to spend Koins and Souls in order to chooses which generic socket players want on their gear piece. This should be a better option instead of the usual random re-rolling of Augment slots. It should be noted though that players cannot re-roll slots one and two to Jinsei Essence slots. In addition, the third slot can’t be changed.

The costs are:

  • Soul: 10,000 Koins
  • Nether Flame: 250 Souls
  • Order Krystal: 250 Souls
  • Chaos Energy: 250 Souls
  • Dragon Blood: 50 Hearts
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