Spawn Coming To Mortal Kombat 11 Next Week, Available Now For Kombat Pack Owners

Final character arrives.
Final character arrives. NetherRealm Studios

Mortal Kombat 11 announced that that its newest DLC character, Spawn, is joining the roster on March 24. However, players that bought the Kombat Pack can get early access to Spawn starting right now. Spawn is the last fighter that arrives with this pack.

Spawn is a character from the comic book series of the same name. Once considered as the government's greatest soldier and most effective assassin, Al Simmons was killed by his own men. He was later resurrected and reborn as a creature from hell.

Spawn has a number of moves that fans should be familiar with. There's Unholy Veil, for example, where he pulls up his Demonic Cape and then charges towards his opponent. Spawn then grabs his opponent by the face and slams them to the ground. Then there's Hell Chain where Spawn summons one of his Hell Chains which grabs his enemy by the neck and then slams them on the ground.

Other signature moves include:

  • Necro Blast
  • Soul Shattering War Club
  • Fatal Phantasm
  • Guns Blazing
  • Blaze Of Glory
  • Plasm Pool
  • (Air) Leetha Glide
  • Charging Hellspawn
  • Raising Hell
  • Invoking The Legion
  • Soul Forfeit
  • (Air) Fallen Angel
  • Lethal Leetha Stance

Spawn has two fatalities. The first is Rest in Pieces, where he wraps his cloak around his opponent's head and then lifts them in air. After that he uses his chain to pierce different parts his enemy's body. He then sends Necroplasm through the chains, and when it reaches the center of an opponent's body, causes them to explode and burst to pieces.

The second is Unchained where he digs his chains into the ground after which they erupt from under the ground and coil around the enemy. The chains then constrict the enemy and slices their flesh. With a gesture, the chains then flay the skin with the exception of the head. The enemy then falls to the ground on their knees and Spawn covers them with his cape. He then enchants it with Necroplasm, squeezing the enemy before revealing a burnt skeleton.

Spawn is the last fighter to be offered with the Kombat Pack. Fighters previously released with this pack are Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, Terminator T-800, Sindel, and Joker. You can learn more about the Kombat Pack here.

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