Mordhau Introduces Ranked Beta For Duels

Mordhau introduces Ranked play through 1v1 duels and an Elo matchmaking rating system.
Mordhau introduces Ranked play through 1v1 duels and an Elo matchmaking rating system. Triternion

There’s a lot of fun to be had in the chaotic multiplayer arenas of Mordhau, but for a game that relies so heavily on good mechanics and timing, it’s absolutely necessary to make sure that players can measure themselves against each other in terms of skill. Thankfully, developer Triternion is already one step ahead. In the latest major update to Mordhau, an official ranked 1v1 duelling mode was added to the game.

Although the new one-on-one game mode is still in beta, Mordhau players jumped at the chance to see how they ranked against their fellow warriors. The duelling system implements Elo ranking, adding a considerable competitive element to the game with players duking it out to win the top spot.

With Ranked 1v1 Duels only in beta, developer Triternion is considering a more robust competitive scene for Mordhau, with plans to implement Ranked 3v3 Small Team Battles as well. Considering the degree of skill and mechanical ability required by the game, competitive esports for Mordhau seems possible.

The update that added the new ranked system also brought with it a handful of gameplay enhancements and balance updates. The crossroads map has been expanded for improved utility, cavalry has been fine-tuned to reduce power and gain utility, and further improvements have been added to reduce player griefing. One of the more notable changes in this update is the buff to combat kicking in-game. Kicks have been adjusted to be performed quicker, have longer range,and cost less stamina. Kicking now also affects players climbing ladders, so that’s something we can’t wait to try in-game.

The launch of Mordhau’s ranked duel system is but the first in a long list of upcoming changes, improvements, and additions to the medieval hack n’ slash title. Among these improvement plans are the two new and highly-anticipated maps Feitoria and Castello. A new Invasion game mode is also in the works, and the development team is looking at the possibility of mod support, rallying the creatives in the Mordhau community to help shape the game in ways that benefits its players.

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