Monster Jam Steel Titan 2 Arriving on March 2

Put the pedal to the metal.
Put the pedal to the metal. THQ Nordic

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 is set to be released on March 2. This new game has everything that players have grown to love about the original while also offering new content. The game is going to be available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

You can watch the announcement trailer below:

One of the things to look forward to is the five new in-game worlds, which expand the already exciting Monster Jam universe. Fans of the game can expect to see favorites like the Avenger, Backwards Bob, Higher Education, Megalodon, and Sparkle Smash. Overall, there’s a total of 38 trucks up for grabs.

There’s now an online multiplayer mode that allows competition for up to six players. The different modes include Head-to-Head Stadium, Circuit Racing, Waypoint, Timed Destruction, and Freestyle Stadium.

Rainbow Studios CEO Lenore Gilbert revealed that this latest addition expands the Monster Jam video game experience. They are happy to show fans what they’ve been doing, and she added that the game “is a huge step forward for the franchise.”

Meanwhile, Jeff Bialosky of Feld Entertainment shared that they are excited to start the new year with a rather quick preview of what’s coming. Monster Jam Steel Titans 2, Bialosky explained, honors the history of the franchise while adding new content. He continued that they want to see players being able to compete for the first time “with their friends and family in online multiplayer challenges.”

The pre-order of the game is already available with the Digital Edition offered for PS4 and Xbox One priced at $39.99. It has the base game along with the Inverse Higher Education truck.

A Power Out Bundle is being offered as well at $59.99, and those who get this one receive 24 hours of early access to the game. It also comes with the Inverse Higher Education truck plus the original Monster Jam Steel Titans. Plus, the bundle includes three DLC truck packs. The packs come with a total of 17 extra trucks that players can use for the race.

Learn more about the pre-order here.

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