Monster Hunter: World Multiplayer, Sessions And Squads Explained

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Monster Hunter: World - Session Search
Monster Hunter: World Player.One

It’s finally release week for Monster Hunter: World and that means millions of gamers are trying to figure out the fastest way to team up with their buddies for some good ol’ fashioned wyvern hunting. Unfortunately, a streamlined networking interface isn’t one of the many improvements offered by Capcom’s latest addition to the series. The good news is that we’re here to help.

Monster Hunter: World doesn’t let you team up with other hunters until you’ve played about an hour of the campaign. Once you have access to the Quest Board, you’re pretty much free to explore the New World with your friends and/or anyone you meet at the Gathering Hub. But forming a party requires a few more steps. So we’ve put together basic explainers for all of MHW’s multiplayer features, including the Online Session system, joining a friend’s party and Monster Hunter: World’s Squad system (spoiler: it’s just clans). That way you always know how to find an ally from the Fifth Fleet when you need one.

So let’s get started.

Online Sessions

Online Sessions are basically just virtual servers. Every player can create one, with filters to determine who can or can’t have access, and they’re all given a unique Session ID. Each session can host 16 players but hunting parties are still capped at four. Those who would prefer to join an existing session can utilize matchmaking services or choose from a list of Session IDs that match a set of limited search criteria (like spoken language). You can also share Session IDs with friends to let them connect to it directly. Private and Squad-only sessions are also available. But getting into the same lobby is only half the battle.

The Gathering Hub

So you found a Session and now you’re wondering why you don’t see anyone else in Astera. That’s because, from what we can tell, you never will. The only time we've ever encoutnered other players outside of a quest or expedition is at the Gathering Hub, a social space at the top of Fifth Fleet HQ. It’s only accessible via the Lift system and sectioned off from the rest of the map. But it gives you a chance to examine the stats and gear of other hunters without blindly consulting the Player List. It's a great place to find allies for your next investigation or that story mission you were struggling with.

But that’s not your only option. There’s also....

Monster Hunter: World - Quest Board
Monster Hunter: World Photo: Player.One

The Quest Board

The Quest Board allows players to seek help from the Monster Hunter community and/or provide assistance to other hunters struggling with a specific quest or investigation. Quests posted on the board are visible to everyone in the current session. Hunters can team up while everyone is still in Astera, departing only once everyone has had adequate time to prepare for the mission. Or you can all meet out in the field if the party leader already left town. Monster Hunter: World even rebalances encounters in the middle of a fight if your party expands while battling one or more creatures. The only rule is that you can’t join a party if it’s attempting an Assigned or Optional quest you don’t have access to. Investigations seem to be fair game, provided everyone meets the minimum Hunter Rank requirements.

Finishing an assigned quest usually sends everyone back to base to watch a cutscene, which means you’ll have to reform your hunting party for the next outing. Hunters can choose to return to camp instead, to accept a new mission and continue hunting together, after completing optional tasks, investigations and event quests. The Quest Board is also where players can offer sign-up to assist hunters who fired their SOS flare or search for a new online session if the current lobby doesn't meet their needs. The only other thing you need to know is that joining a quest-in-progress reduces the rewards received upon completion.


To form a Squad, find the Squad Manager in Astera or at the Gathering Hub. You can invite members or accept an invitation from the Squad menu, accessible by pressing Menu/Options, tabbing over to Communications and selecting "Squads".

Monster Hunter: World - Squad Counter
Monster Hunter: World Photo: Player.One


Monster Hunter: World is available on PS4 and Xbox One. The game hits PC this fall.

Be sure to check back with Player.One and follow Scott on Twitter for more Monster Hunter: World news in 2018 and however long Capcom supports MHW in the months ahead.

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