Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's Delayed Title Update 4 Will Be Releasing On July 9

Capcom also confirms that event quests for the expansion will be back on rotation on July 8.
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The delayed Title Update 4 for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be releasing on July 9.
The delayed Title Update 4 for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be releasing on July 9. Capcom

Publisher Capcom has just announced that the long-awaited Title Update 4 for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be made available soon. Slated for a July 9 arrival, the update will include a fan-favorite monster from the series, new gear, and a brand-new event.

Originally scheduled for a May release, the action-adventure RPG expansion’s title update has experienced delays caused by “coronavirus related impacts on production.” This saw Monster Hunter World: Iceborne going for months without updates until now. Back then, it already was confirmed that the update will include the arrival of Alatreon, an elder dragon that made its debut in Monster Hunter 3. Alatreon has multiple elements in its arsenal, making for a worthy hunt for those who have been grinding non-stop and looking for something new to work on for the next few months. For those who want to take a look at Alatreon, Capcom has released a trailer for the elder dragon, giving us a glimpse of its fire attacks, which comes in streams or in balls of flame, and its electric attack, where its body becomes shrouded in electricity. There is also a developer diary trailer that shows an Alatreon move where it flies up, loops around and rains red lightning down.

Since the developer diary has already been mentioned, another reason for fans to rejoice is the upcoming Developer Diary 6, which will take place on July 3 at 8:00 AM EDT. The video trailer showcased some cosmetics, hints of what events will take place (maybe a tropical summer festival?), and finally, give a sneak peek at another monster that will be added to the game. Speculations on the internet state that it will most likely be Frozen Barioth, judging by its recognizable roar and face near the end of the trailer. The Frozen Barioth made its first and only debut appearance in the mobile game Monster Hunter Explore, so it’s very interesting how it will translate to the big screen.

Monster Hunter World and the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion are available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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