Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Patch Fixes PC Save And CPU Issues

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne
Monster Hunter World Iceborne Fanatical

When the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion dropped on PC on January 9, it did not go well for many players. Players were seen complaining across Steam and Reddit about the expansion deleting their save games, issues with performance, and matchmaking issues.

The cry for help was acknowledged by Capcom and the company took to Twitter and announced that an upcoming update patch will address the unusually high CPU usage during active gameplay and fix the incompatible save game issue.

There was also an announcement on Steam that confirmed that the incompatible save game issue was due to an October 2018 update that changed the save game format. Capcom said that players are requested to shut down their game upon receiving "Failed to read saved data for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Create new save data?" message.

Sadly, there are no fixes for people who have lost their saves after creating a new save game. If you have already created a new save game, the only choice you have is to carry on with the new game. Alternatively, you can also use MHWSaveTransfer utility and Iceborne Ready save file that allows you to directly jump into Iceborne with all upgrades and experience.

Recently, Capcom also mentioned the massive success of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, selling an impressive four million copies.

"MHW:I achieved 4 million units shipped as a result of the title's January 9 PC release on the globally accessible Steam platform," says Capcom, "allowing the game to appeal to a wider fan base spread across a greater number of regions, combined with sales of the home console version of the game released in September 2019." The base game has sold over 15 million copies.

Although the PC launch of the Iceborne expansion hasn't been a smooth ride, the upcoming update should help fix the current issues and the save game problem and cheer up disappointed hunters.

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