Monster Hunter World Gets Free Trial Version On PS4

In anticipation of Iceborne's release this September,
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Capcom announces a free trial version for Monster Hunter World.
Capcom announces a free trial version for Monster Hunter World. Capcom

Capcom’s best-selling title, Monster Hunter World, is getting a free-to-play trial version for PlayStation 4 for a limited time, and we’ve got all the details!

To promote the upcoming release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne which is due out on September 6, 2019, Capcom has decided to promote the game for new players all over the world to enjoy, so long as you’re playing on the PlayStation 4. The free trial will run from May 9 (last Thursday) to May 20, so there’s plenty of time for you to try out the biggest Monster Hunter title there is.

This free trial version includes the opening section of Monster Hunter World’s full version. In terms of gameplay, this includes nearly all of the story, quests, armor and upgrades, up to Hunter Rank 4 and 3-Star Assignments. If you do decide to get the full version after the free trial ends, you won’t have to start at the beginning, since the save data can be carried over to Monster Hunter World’s full version. The trial version also allows you to play will all of the playerbase, meaning that if you have friends who own the full version on the PlayStation 4, you won’t be left out.

In terms of locations available, you will get to play in the starting area, the Ancient Forest, and the area that follows it, which is the Wildspire Waste. All missions within the Hunter Rank 4 and 3-Star Assignments for both areas are fully available to play for free. As for the monsters to hunt in your quests, there are six big ones readily available: The Great Jagras, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Pukei-Pukei, Barroth, Jyuratodus and Tobi-Kadachi. Most of these are new to the Monster Hunter series, while some, like the Barroth, are fan favorites making their return.

There are some monsters which you will encounter, but won’t be able to hunt unless you’re with higher ranked players, like the Rathalos or Diablos. If you’ve got friends who own the full version though, you can join their quests for a chance to experience these larger and more powerful monsters.

Equipment is readily available for all trial version players. Monster Hunter World features 14 different weapon types, each with its own distinct playstyle, so you can craft them and try them out at your leisure. The game is very friendly to new players as well, with various video tutorials for weapons available in the training room.

For more details, check out Capcom’s Trial Version page here.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is set for release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2019. The PC release will follow at a later date, like most updates for the game.

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