Monster Hunter World’s Spring Update Full Reveal Is Later This Week

Capcom will drop some huge info regarding its best-selling title this Thursday.
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Capcom has set the date for a reveal livestream for Monster Hunter World's Spring Update.
Capcom has set the date for a reveal livestream for Monster Hunter World's Spring Update. Capcom

Some big Monster Hunter World news is coming our way this week, and everyone’s gearing up for it. Capcom, the company behind the best-selling title, recently announced that it’s airing a Spring Update reveal livestream for Monster Hunter World this May 9. The stream will feature information straight from Capcom’s development team working on the title, so it is sure to be comprehensive.

Aside from these details, Capcom hasn’t really specified much else about what’s going to be included on the livestream. There’s a very special guest though: Ryozo Tsujimoto, Monster Hunter World’s producer. This could be a sign that the reveal itself will be very substantial, although we still have no idea if they will stick to the regular Spring Update reveal or feature more news about upcoming updates.

One of these upcoming updates is the much awaited and extremely expansive release for Monster Hunter World called Iceborne. Capcom officially teased the expansion last December, and stated that it’s due to be released some time in Fall 2019 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a planned release for PC sometime in the future. Because the PC release of the game was back in August while the consoles were released back in January, the scheduling for content will be different. For example, Monster Hunter World’s crossover with The Witcher 3 happened last year for consoles, while PC players will only get to experience it finally once the update drops on Thursday.

Monster Hunter World is currently in the midst of an event, the second annual Spring Blossom Fest. This event will run across all platforms until May 16, and features new items and equipment gathered from almost all of the previous special Event Quests. Most of these Event Quests will be made available again for a limited time, which means that if you somehow missed out on any seasonal items, you can play right now and try to get them.

The Monster Hunter World Spring Update Reveal livestream is airing this May 9 at 7 p.m. EDT. You can watch the presentation in English on the Monster Hunter Twitch channel, while the Japanese one can be streamed on YouTube.

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