Modern Warfare Now Has A 24/7 Shipment Playlist For Ultimate Chaos

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If you've been a Call of Duty fan from the Modern Warfare (2007) times, you must already know how chaotic the Shipment map can be. The nostalgic map made its to the franchise's newest game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The map is designed to be small so that it can be packed with action.

The original Shipment map in COD4 was so small that players would often use it as a testing ground for 1v1 competency. But, once more players spawn into the map, things get quite strange and rather chaotic. Being such a small map, it really becomes tough for players to even take a few steps after spawning in. It is quite easy to get spawn trapped by the enemy team, guaranteeing a win for them. Not only is this map weird and chaotic, it's also absolutely fun to play on.

Shipment can be described as a map with a collection of shipping containers lying around in a grassy compartment somewhere in the USSR. With little room and no objects to hide behind, Shipment is all about shooting whatever you see as soon as you spawn in.

Shipment made its way to the latest Call of Duty late last year. But on January 7, Infinity Ward added the 5v5 Shipment 24/7 playlist, replacing the 24/7 Shoot House playlist.

As part of the recent playlist update, Gun Game is also back, which replaces last week's Grind. Players can also experience the new version of Gunfight, which pits players in 1v1 fights. However, if you choose to stick with the 2v2 Gunfight version, the mode is still available.

Shipment won't be a permanent playlist in Modern Warfare, and we don't know how long the playlist is going to be available for. While it is there, why not take your squad and cause mayhem?

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