Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 Welcomes New Suit

The Type B arrives.
The Type B arrives. Bandai Namco

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 released an update which officially welcomes the Full Armor Gundam Type B to the game. If you're a fan of the franchise, then this one should be familiar to you. Unlike the original Armor Type, the Type B offers higher firepower and is more of a mid-range bombardment type. In the game, the Full Armor Gundam Type B is good for ground or space use and costs 500.

It's not just about the new suit, as the update is also boosting the rates of Supply Drops for a limited time. The Supply Drops offer a lot of items like Mobile Suits and Main Weapons, to name a few. Supply Drops can be bought from the PS Store or by using tokens received in-game.

The Boosted Supply Drop Period started last Thursday at 12:00 AM EST and is set to end on November 20 at 11:50 PM EST. You can go here to find out what's available in the supply drop.

This being an update, there are also changes arriving to the game. These include:

  • New materials for exchange have been added to the Recycle Counter:
    • ★★★Gunner Gundam LV1
    • Newly Added Clothing & Accessory
      • ★★Eye Patch 01
      • ★★Helmet: Zeon Army 09
      • ★★Normal Suit: Zeon Army 09
    • Newly Added Marking
      • ★★F.S.S.
  • New materials have been added to the DP Exchange Counter:
    • ★★GM [White Dingo] LV2
    • ★★Gouf (VD) LV2
  • Unit Changes include:
    • Zaku Cannon [Rabbit Type]
      • Unit Performance
        • Unit HP increased from 10000 to 10500
          • increased for other LVs as well
        • Unit speed increased from [80] to [95]
        • Thrusters increased from [35] to [40]
      • Sub Weapon - BIG GUN
        • Increased bullet speed when shooting
        • Addition of ASL (Automated Sight Leveling)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 is now available and is exclusive to the PlayStation 4. In this free-to-play game, players enter 6v6 online battles against other players around the world. Whether through land or space, players can lay waste to their enemies using their favorite Mobile Suit, or implement strategy through skills available only to infantry units. The game was released in Japan last year and just recently had its US release.

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