Gundam Battle Operations 2 Adjusts Respawn Positions In Latest Update

New changes coming to respawn.
New changes coming to respawn. BB Studio

Gundam Battle Operations 2 released Content Update Ver.0119 which makes adjustments to respawn positions. The update also introduces "Standard Results" in relation to the battle result.


Before the update, Development Assistant Director Funadani said that generally most actions that happen after respawning include requesting for support or bomb removal. Thus, players often get stressed when the base or waypoint base was not in sight. As such adjustments were made that result in respawns facing the direction of the base or waypoint base and being equal distance to the waypoint base.

The pilot's respawn position at all waypoint bases has been adjusted on these maps:

  • Impact Site
  • Port Base
  • Tropical Desert
  • Deserted City
  • Mountain
  • Dark Space

In addition, adjustments where made on:

  • The direction of the WAPPA near waypoint base C of “Impact Site”
  • Suppression range at “Port Base” relay point B
  • MS respawn position at “Tropical Desert” waypoint base C and D
  • Suppression range at “Resource Satellite” waypoint base A
  • Adjustment on the respawn position at “Training Ground” base

Ultimately the goal with the adjustment is to make it easier to take action after respawning, no matter what the map may be.

New Computation

This latest update also introduces Standard Results, which offers a new way to compute the individual rankings in battle results. Under the current method, the overall individual ranking is determined by the total number of each item on the individual results screen compared with the other sortie members. However, with Standard Results the computation is now based on each item score of all sortie members, with the total value then being compared and determined.

That's not all as a "Destruction Bonus" has been added to bomb installer when a base is destroyed during a battle. If a base is destroyed during an attack, the base destruction bonus is instead given to the pilot that dealt the most damage.

Because of this the formula for calculating the base destruction score has also been changed. Simply put, the bomb installer or the highest damage dealer gets the chance to earn higher scores. The team score, however, remains the same.

When a bonus is added to the obtained score during battle, a multiplier, like “x 3,” is displayed on the obtained score. Once the multiplier has been displayed, the calculated score is displayed accordingly. Bonus scores can be obtained through:

  • Basic
    • Destroy the base with less than two minutes remaining.
  • Ace Match
    • Ace destroys opponents MS (including opponents ace).
    • Ace assists in destroying MS (including opponents ace).
    • Other pilots aside from the ace destroys the opponents ace.
    • Other pilots aside from the ace assists in destroying MS.
  • Weekend Battles “Shuffle Target”
    • Target destroys enemy MS
    • Target assists in destroying MS
    • Destroy opponents targets
    • Assists in destroying opponents MS

You can view all changes with Content Update Ver.0119 here.

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