Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.6.58 Melissa Now Available on Live Servers

Patch 1.6.58
Patch 1.6.58 Twitter/@MobileLegendsOL

Melissa, a marksman hero that uses her trusty dolls to deal damage and provide some utility, is now available on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang live servers. Patch 1.6.58 also brings some hero balancing changes, particularly to Diggie, Silvanna, and Gloo, among others.

The lovable owl timekeeper, Diggie, has received some considerable buffs in this update. First is that his base HP and base physical defense are increased to 2,468 and 20, respectively. Although his first skill, Auto Alarm Bomb, has its damage and magic power bonus reduced slightly, it no longer runs on charges and its cooldown is further reduced.

On top of that, the skill has a new effect where he gains two stacks of Dangerous Sparks each time his owl alarm hits an enemy hero. Each stack increases the skill’s damage by 1% and it stacks up to 60. He loses half of the stacks upon death but gains one stack of Dangerous Sparks each time his skills hit an enemy hero while in Egg Form.

Aside from Diggie, Silvanna has gotten better in this patch. Her attack speed ratio has increased to 100%. Her passive, Knight’s Resolve, has its basic attack’s magic power bonus increased to 75%.

Patch Notes

  • Spinning Light Wheel (Skill 1)
    • Base Damage Bonus changed to 90% Total Physical Attack Continuous Damage
    • Bonus changed to 20% Total Physical Attack
  • Stick, Stick (Passive)
    • Damage reduction per stack reduced to 8%
  • Slam, Slam (Skill 1)
    • Base damage reduced to 260-360
    • Explosion damage reduced to 220-320
  • Pass, Pass (Skill 2)
    • Base damage reduced to 250-300
  • Charged Punch (Skill 1)
    • Base damage increased to 360-560
  • Frenzy Strike (Skill 1/Lieh)
    • Base damage increased to 130-180
  • Instant Blase (Skill 2/Lieh)
    • Knockback duration slightly increased
  • Shadow Strike (Skill 1)
    • Base damage reduced to 290-665
  • I Am You (Ultimate)
    • Cooldown increased to 42 seconds
  • Primal Wrath (Ultimate)
    • Wrath-based attack speed boost reduced to 25%-150%
    • Wrath-based Lifesteal boost reduced to 5%-30%
  • Synchro Fission (Skill 1)
    • Subsequent damage increased to 540-940 (Initial Damage adjusted accordingly)
  • Molina’s Gift (Passive)
    • Enemies can now see a visual indicator when Nana's Passive is ready
  • Purple Buff
    • HP Regen on Hero kill reduced to 5%
  • Base Turret
    • Now deals damage equal to 80% Max HP (instead of 50%) to the first wave of approaching enemy minions before the 12-minute mark
  • Players can check the usage records of Diamonds and other items in Settings
  • Added an indicator to the home screen when Protection Points or Protection Cards are in effect

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.6.58 is available on Android and iOS.

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