Mobile Legends: Bang Bang New Hero Joy Arriving November 19

New Hero: Joy, the Flash of Miracle
New Hero: Joy, the Flash of Miracle Twitter/@MobileLegendsOL

A new hero is coming to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s main server next week. Joy is an assassin hero with skills that allow her to dispatch enemies quickly.

So, what does Joy have to offer in Mobile Legends? She’s quite possibly one of the most fun heroes to use in the game due to her ability to dash forward several times, dealing damage in the process.

Her passive ability grants her extra movement speed and a shield every time her skills deal damage to heroes or non-minion enemies. The shield provides damage reduction, useful when there’s a clash. Enemies are also less likely to get away from her, thanks to increased movement speed.

Joy’s first skill is nothing special. When used, she summons a Leonin Crystal at a target location, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. One thing to note of this is users cannot control the crystal’s throw distance, so they’ll have to move Joy to get that perfect angle.

Anyway, her second skill is what truly separates Joy from other heroes in the game. She dashes in a target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies in her path. But what makes this great is that when she hits an enemy, she enters what is known as “Beat Time!” During this period, she’s not only immune to crowd control effects but she can also cast the skill again up to five times before it goes on cooldown.

Additionally, players may notice a glowing line of stars in the middle of the screen whenever she enters “Beat Time!” If the second skill is used when the line glows at four stars, the damage of her dash and ultimate ability is increased.

Speaking of her ultimate, it requires some build-up before it becomes available. Basically, Joy needs to use her second skill to dash toward enemies five times before her ultimate is unlocked. When activated, all CCs on Joy are removed and musical notes will swirl around her, dealing damage to nearby enemies for four seconds. She gains a movement speed boost for the entire duration as well. It is worth noting that basic attacks are disabled when her ultimate ability is active.

Joy is a really fun hero to use in Mobile Legends because of her kit. It may take some time to master her abilities, but when she’s utilized correctly, Joy can be a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

The new hero will be available on November 18.

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