Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Moonton Implements More Adjustments to Patch 1.7.20

Patch 1.7.20
Patch 1.7.20 Twitter/@MobileLegendsOL

Patch 1.7.20 for the popular MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was released over a month ago, but developer Moonton Studios implemented more adjustments to the said update recently. The changes are based on the data gathered from the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) regionals.

Leomord is the recipient of many beneficial adjustments this time around. Leomord’s passive has been improved in that his basic attacks are guaranteed critical hits against enemies below 50% max HP, from 35% previously. Besides that, the base and enhanced versions of his second skill have their cooldowns reduced to 10 seconds and six seconds, respectively. The defense buff granted by his ultimate is increased to 30-110, up from 40-80. The folks at Moonton are hoping that these changes will give Leomord more survivability, mobility, and better reap abilities.

Those who use Balmond specifically for his ability to clear jungle mobs easily will be displeased with the recent change. That’s because the damage done by his ultimate to non-hero units is now capped at 1,000 to 2,000 instead of 1,300 to 2,500.

Here are the other significant hero adjustments:

  • Skill 2
    • Max stacks reduced to 8
    • Attack speed reduced per stack now at 7.5% to 15% (from 5%)
  • Passive
    • New Effect: At full stacks, Martis gains an additional 10-150 Physical Attack (scales with level).
  • Skill 2
    • New Effect: With the first Dash, Martis can move right through thin walls.
  • Skill 2
    • Shield Magic Power Bonus increased to 140%
    • Basic Attack Damage Magic Power Bonus increased to 100%
  • Skill 2
    • Duration increased to 6 seconds
  • Ultimate
    • Base damage changed to 140 at all levels
    • Extra damage increased to 45-85
  • Skill 2
    • Cooldown reduced to 7-4.5 seconds
    • Physical Attack Bonuses from First 2 Instances Damage Dealt increased to 180%
  • Ultimate
    • Max HP increased to 30%
    • Passive stacks gained when resurrected increased to 5-25
    • Slightly increased the control AOE but lowered the damage AOE so the two are now matched
  • Basic Attack
    • Bennett (Grenade Gun) damage increased to 232-330% Physical Attack
  • Ultimate
    • Wesker (Shotgun) Physical Bonus increased to 155%
    • Nibiru (Submachine Gun) Physical Bonus increased to 50%
  • Ultimate
    • Cooldown changed to 55 seconds at all levels
    • Base damage increased to 200-450
  • Enhanced Skill 2
    • Damage reduced to 240-650 +215% Total Physical Attack
  • Ultimate
    • Haymaker Damage reduced to 300-450 + 90% Total Physical Attack
  • Enhanced Ultimate
    • Uppercut Base Damage reduced to 400-600
  • Cursed Helmet and Molten Essence
    • Extra damage against minions and creeps changed to 210%-350% (from 250%; scales along with hero level)

So, what can you say about the recent balancing changes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

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