MIR4: Special Enhancement Feature Introduced in Latest Update

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MIR4 players can now enhance their Magic Stones, Spectrumite, Spirit Treasure, and Mystical Pieces, thanks to a new feature introduced in the latest update.

The new Special Enhancement feature allows players to improve their items of Epic grade or higher. When the enhancement succeeds, the item’s stats will be increased depending on the Enhancement Level.

Among the things required include a Special Enhancement Stone of the same grade as the item that’s being enhanced, an Oil of Blessing to increase the chance of success by 10%, and some in-game resources.

Once players have all of the necessary stuff, they can expect three possible outcomes: Success, Failure, and Great Failure. If the process results in a Great Failure, the item is destroyed, but players have a chance to obtain a Treasure Shard and some Noirsoul Herbs and Ice Crystals, so they will not be left with nothing. Don’t worry, the chance of success will be clearly indicated on the user interface and it is up to the players if they want to gamble or not.

Special Enhancement Feature
Special Enhancement Feature WeMade Global

Patch Notes

Hell Raid
  • Mighty bosses and monsters that are stronger than those of the Boss Raids will appear in Hell Raid.
  • It will be opened immediately upon reaching level 90, and you can enter the Hell Raid with Hell Raid Tickets.
  • There are no free entries for Hell Raid. Hell Raid Tickets are available in 'Daily Task Reward Box' items, which can be obtained by completing Daily Tasks.
  • Time limit will be 15 minutes.
  • Resurrection Cooldown will be applied for 10 seconds upon initial death and it will be increased by 10 seconds per additional death.
  • 1 request that can obtain Hell Raid Ticket from NPC Back Beomryeong will be added.
  • Daily Task Reward Box items will be obtainable for Dragonians Lv. 90 or higher after the next Daily Task reset.
  • Bosses:
    • Fire Dragon Demon General:
    • Required Power Score: 103,000
    • Boss Level: 100
    • Triumphant Tiger Demon King:
    • Required Power Score: 114,000
    • Boss Level: 120
    • Inferno Chief:
    • Required Power Score: 124,000
    • Boss Level: 140
  • First-time clear rewards:
    • Fire Dragon Demon General and Triumphant Tiger Demon King:
    • Epic Mystic Enhancement Stone x2, Epic Darkened Enhancement Stone x1, and Legendary Blue Dragon Statue x5
    • Inferno Chief: Legendary Mystic Enhancement Stone x2, Legendary Darkened Enhancement Stone x1, and Legendary Blue Dragon Statue x5

MIR4 October 4 Update is available on Android and PC.

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