MIR4: Latest Update Adds Clan Sanctuary and More

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MIR4 just received a new update that added new features, including the Clan Sanctuary, a new magic stone, and new codex achievements.

New Feature

The Clan Sanctuary grants buffs to all clan members who are in the area of effect. This can be used in the Labyrinth or within the Hidden Valley.

To summon this, you need to buy the Sanctuary Summon Badge from the Clan shop. This can only be purchased by clan members who have War permissions. Once acquired, you can head to a designated place on one of the maps mentioned earlier.

There are a few key things to keep in mind. First, only one Sanctuary can be summoned per clan. Second, this can be destroyed by enemy clans. Lastly, the Sanctuary is indestructible for the first three hours and will be destroyed automatically after three days.

New Item

Spectrumite is another addition to the game. It is a magic stone that possesses higher ability stats compared to magic stones of similar grade. You can put Spectrumite in the extra magic stone slot introduced in this update.

Spectrumite can vary depending on its item grade: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The exclusive slot where you can put this special magic stone in will be available once you’ve reached Tower of Quintessence Level 12.


  • Tiger Blessing 1
    • Effect: Hunting EXP Boost 4%
    • Required Codex Badge: White Tiger's Codex Badge
  • Tiger Blessing 2
    • Effect: All ATK DMG Boost 2%
    • Required Codex Badge: Blue Tiger's Codex Badge
  • Tiger Blessing 3
    • Effect: All DMG Reduction 2%
    • Required Codex Badge: Red Tiger's Codex Badge
  • Tiger Blessing 4
    • Effect: Accuracy 20
    • Required Codex Badge: Yellow Tiger's Codex Badge
  • Tiger Blessing 5
    • Effect: EVA 20
    • Required Codex Badge: Black Tiger's Codex Badge
  • PK Mode Change
  • ATK Players Only (ON/OFF)
  • Dash
  • Target Icon is a function applicable to individual players.
  • You can click the player to place an icon above the character
  • Target icons can be shared with Clan members
  • Magic Square & Secret Peak Improvements
    • Time Limit pop-up screen will be improved
    • Auto-Extend Time Limit feature will be added
    • The term Entry Ticket will be changed into "Entries"
    • An alert message will appear when you try to use an excessive amount of entry tickets at once
  • Maximum number of Favorite items in the market will be increased to 60
  • Fixed an issue of a monster being spawned in the safe zone right next to the portal in Redmoon Valley's 1st floor
  • Added a feature to arrange the order of clan members in the Clan tab within a party
  • Fixed an issue of not being able to use skills in certain situations
  • Improved the feature of Territory titles

MIR4 January 11 update is available on Android and PC.

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