Minoria Gets An August 27 Release Date For PC, Consoles To Follow Later

As it stands, only a Switch version is confirmed.
Dangen Entertainment gives Minoria an August 27 release date for the PC.
Dangen Entertainment gives Minoria an August 27 release date for the PC. Dangen Entertainment

The independently made action adventure RPG Minoria coming to PC and consoles soon, as announced by publisher Dangen Entertainment and developer Bombservice.

Minoria is a side-scrolling, hack-and-slashing game that is set in a fantasy world inspired by medieval Europe. The story takes place during the pivotal fourth Witch War: a time of fanatical religious fervor that has flooded the streets of Ramezia with ink and blood. The proponents of this religious driven conflict is The Sacred Office, a powerful organization that is leading an Inquisition hellbent on stamping out heretics and sinners that threaten humanity. The story then moves forward with Sisters Semilla and Fran, missionaries under the Church that are tasked with journeying to thwart the witches’ ceremony and protect the common people from the heresy that will shake the status quo.

Sporting a hand-painted art style in an almost 2.5D world, Minoria’s gameplay revolves around sword slashing and spellcasting. In the 1 minute 20 second trailer, we can see the cute, anime-style look of the characters, paired alongside with the flashy and bloody combat that involves parries and dodge-rolls. At times the screen gets filled up with enemies, sometimes we just see a lumbering boss that you need to plan and strategize for before engaging. If it ever gets too difficult, Minoria has a leveling system that helps players adjust their character to their desired difficulty.

Minoria is currently set to support English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Korean language options upon release on August 27. It will fetch a $19.99 price tag for the PC via Steam, GOG, Humble, and Itch.io.

As of right now, Minoria's console “ports” or “versions” still needs to be confirmed. I’m banking on actual release versions, given that there were already talks of other platforms even before release. As of now though, the only sure release is for the Nintendo Switch. In a response to a query from Gematsu regarding future versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, publisher Dangen Entertainment responded: “We can’t confirm anything in regard to consoles at the moment. We’ll be announcing console platforms at a later date.”

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