Minecraft Snapshot 22w12a: New Mob and Fancy Boats

Minecraft Snapshot 22w12a
Minecraft Snapshot 22w12a Mojang

Minecraft’s Snapshot build recently received an update that added new content and a brand new mob. This content will only make its way into the live servers after being fully tested in the Snapshot build.


The Warden is a terrifying creature with no eyes that can be found within the Deep Dark. Don’t underestimate the creature because it has no eyes for it can use vibration and smell to detect nearby prey. While it is everywhere, it usually stays hidden and only comes out if the Sculk Shriekers alert them with potential prey. The Warden is also quite strong, so developers suggest players sneaking around them instead of making them angry.

Fancy Boat

Using a boat to move around items has always been a hassle in the game. To change this, developers are introducing the Boat with Chest. This allows players to bring more items on their journey and store loot after their adventure. The mechanics of the Chest are the same, so if players decide to break the boat, the loot inside the chest will spill out.

Minecraft Snapshot 22w12a

  • While editing a book, you cannot use Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End to jump to the beginning or end of the text
  • Fence gates (between walls) aren’t affected by ambient occlusion/smooth lighting
  • Cannot use Ctrl+Backspace to delete entire words in Edit sign GUI
  • You cannot use CTRL+BACKSPACE to delete words in the book and quill GUI
  • You cannot use CTRL+ARROW KEY to navigate the cursor between words in the book and quill GUI
  • Some end cities can generate floating above the ground
  • TagKey creation leads to memory leak
  • Placing water inside the mangrove propagule breaks it
  • Mud brick slabs use generic stone sound
  • Mud, Mangrove Roots, and their variants are too loud in comparison with other blocks
  • Map color for mangrove log is incorrect
  • Map color for mangrove slab is incorrect
  • Map color for mangrove trapdoor is incorrect
  • Map color for mud bricks, mud brick stairs, and mud brick walls is incorrect
  • Powered rail/activator rail update order is reversed
  • The mangrove fence recipe is not grouped with the fence recipes of other wood types
  • Some Mangrove Propagules float after leaves decayed
  • Bee tries to pollinate a waterlogged mangrove propagule and dies
  • Mangrove leaves do not have a hoe as their preferred tool
  • Mangrove Leaves cannot be composted
  • Mud Brick Slab has a slower mining speed than other mud bricks
  • Mangrove fence, fence gate, and boat cannot be used for fuel

You can read more about the update here.

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