Minecraft Java Edition 1.18 Snapshot 3: Bug Fixes, New Changes, and More

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Minecraft: Java Edition 1.18 Snapshot 3 update is out, and it brings a lot of changes. This is an experimental update, so players will have to wait for the changes to be applied to the main build. The update is also looking into a known issue where the game has terrible performance. This issue should be fixed in the future.

The developers have tweaked the biome placements to reduce the chances of temperature clashes, like a snowy biome in the middle of a desert. Additionally, an issue where the goats weren’t spawning in the new mountain biome has been fixed. Players should now be able to interact with them.

Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 3

  • Red sand is back! Tweaked badlands so they sometimes show up in flat areas next to plateaus, and made the red sand generate higher up
  • Made peak biomes and meadows less likely to generate in flat low elevation areas
  • Smoothed out the cliffs in shattered terrain a bit, so they don't look like chunk errors
  • Snowy slopes and snow capped peaks no longer place dirt under the snow. Mountains look less dirty now
  • Added structures to some of the new mountain biomes. Pillager outposts generate in all the new mountain biomes. Villages generate in meadows
  • Tweaked beaches a bit, to make them more inclined to show up on flat coastlines rather than hilly areas. Also reduced the number of stone shores
  • Inland low-elevation areas are less likely to have flooded caves all over the place
  • Swamps are less likely to overlap cold or dry biomes, and they no longer place hanging water. Swamps are even happier now
  • Desert temples spawn on the surface rather than at a fixed y level
  • Eroded badlands no longer create floating pillars on top of the water surface
  • Grass no longer generates underwater
  • Fixed an issue where players in multiplayer can face far more or far fewer enemies than intended, particularly when other players are flying. Each player now gets their fair share of mobs
Known Issues
  • Nether terrain is messed up
  • End pillars don't generate

You can read more about the update here.

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