Minecraft Dungeons To Release Jungle Awakens DLC In July

New content arriving soon.
New content arriving soon. Mojang

Minecraft Dungeons may have just been launched last week, but there are already plans to introduce new content. This shouldn’t be that much of a surprise though, especially to those who purchased the Hero Edition. The first of these expansions is set to be released in July, with the second one scheduled for later this year.

Two New DLCs

The first DLC is titled Jungle Awakens. In this one, players are taken to a dangerous and distant jungle where they need to fight against a mysterious power spread across three missions. Not to worry though, as this DLC comes with new weapons, new armor, and even new artifacts.

See what's coming.
See what's coming. Mojang

While there’s still no actual release date, the second DLC is Creeping Winter, which adds frozen peaks to explore.

The Official Guide

A few days after Minecraft Dungeons was launched, the Guide to Minecraft Dungeons was released. This guide is an excellent addition for those who want to learn more about what went on in developing their favorite levels. This guide book offers 96 pages that are all packed with information that players want to know. This Handbook for Heroes is available for $12.99 and you can buy it here.

Learn more about the game.
Learn more about the game. Mojang

Limited Edition Clothing

It’s not all virtual as Minecraft Dungeons has something for those who want to look the part. This is none other than the Limited Edition Collection by Cloak which offers 40 pieces that includes different items from smart tees all the way to sporty coach jackets, among others.

There’s a pair of comfy joggers that show the twisting paths of Creeper Woods. Mages out there, especially those who want to switch between ice and fire, are sure to love the crop top and hoodie. Another good option is the cloak, which has that sweet hood plus the Minecraft Dungeons logo. All items are available here.

Dress the part.
Dress the part. Mojang

Those who buy these items are also supporting a good cause. In a post, developer Mojang said that 10% of the proceeds from this collection is going to be contributed to the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO. The development studio went on to say that “in the practice of co-op and community spirit, we’ll go farther when we work together towards our goal.”

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