Minecraft Dungeons Pays Tribute To Diablo’s Cow Level

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Minecraft Dungeons Theme gameskinny

Minecraft Dungeons, which just released on Xbox One and PC, is an adventure game set in the Minecraft Universe. Mojang seems to have taken quite a lot of inspiration from Diablo while creating Minecraft Dungeons. The Minecraft spin-off has an evil theme going on, making it very similar to Diablo with multiple other aspects such as gameplay similarities, and emphasis on loot, and getting better gear.

To make even more comparisons between the two games, Mojang added the secret cow level from Diablo 2. If you don’t know what the cow level is, it is a small area full of Hell Bovines, and the cow king always appears. Players used this area to grind experience for their character, and everyone in the lobby, whether they are in a party or not, will get “the kill” if the cow king is defeated.

The cow level was made because of a rumor that floated around the Diablo community. Back when the first Diablo released players speculated there was a secret cow level, which was false. For the sequel, Blizzard thought it would be a funny nod to the rumors to actually add the secret cow level, and the developers kept the joke up by adding in the “Not the Cow Level” in Diablo 3.

To unlock the cow level in Minecraft Dungeons, you have to finish the game on default to unlock the camp, which is near the south-east drawbridge. After you reach the fort in the camp, you have to cross the bridge and explore the vast ground and you will eventually stumble upon a church. As you enter the church there will be paintings of the developers and other fun Easter eggs. As you continue your journey, you will interact with a painting of a dog. From there you need to find 10 runes and then come back to press the big button which leads you to the secret cow level.

So, what are your thoughts on Minecraft Dungeons' secret cow level? Do you think they did a good job paying homage to Diablo’s secret level? I think it's an enjoyable experience and would love to see other games putting in more Easter eggs. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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